Do You Prefer The Window Or Aisle Seat?

Do You Prefer The Window Or Aisle Seat

My girlfriends and I just booked our flights for our annual girls’ trip. I’m so excited, we’re heading to Switzerland! It got me thinking as always, who prefers an aisle or window. We picked seats and did the usual “well I like the aisle” and well “I want a window” routine. A few of us like the window, some like the aisle. We want to sit together, but why bother on an 8 hour flight, right? When it comes to travel and travel routines, I feel like people are usually pretty set in their ways.

If you want to spark a conversation or controversy, ask someone if they prefer the window or aisle seat, and then ask WHY. The why is always so fascinating to me. Some people want to sleep against the cabin in the window. But honestly, is that really comfortable? It’s hard, it’s sometimes too far over and just isn’t suitable for sleeping. These are also clearly people who don’t have small bladders or don’t drink water.

For me, I’m all about the aisle. For one major reason.

I pee ALL THE TIME. I have flown with people who actually refuse to use the bathroom. they just find them gross. Well, for me, I’m notorious for using the lavatories at least once on even the shortest of flights (talking to you Charleston 30 minute flight). Since I’m up often and know how annoying it is to ask people to get up so you can pee, I prefer the aisle.

Even when it comes to long haul flights, I just can’t sleep well on planes so the aisle is ideal. I can get up and move around, go pee, go for a mini walk and stretch whenever I please. A window seat to me just feels too claustrophobic to me and I very much prefer the freedom of an aisle seat.

What’s your go-to seat selection?

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  1. 2.5.20
    Rachel said:

    I am definitely a window seat person! I love being able to look out the window, have the cabin to snuggle up to (if I decide to take a nap), and then I don’t have to worry about getting up and moving out of the way for the person sitting next to me! With that being said though, I also don’t mind the aisle seat if there are no good window seats available. Can’t wait to follow along on your trip to Switzerland!


  2. 2.5.20
    Karly said:

    I’m definitely a window seat person. Why? Because I’m a little bit of a nervous/scared flyer, I feel reassured when I look out the window and see the wing of the plane. Ha! I also don’t like to get up unless absolutely necessary, so it just makes sense for me to be by the window so nobody has to bother me!


  3. 2.5.20
    Olga said:

    Aisle 100% for the same reason!


  4. 2.5.20
    Emma said:

    I’m a huge plane sleeper… and I’m totally that person who prefers not to use the airplane bathroom unless I truly have to so I’m an window seat person through and through!

    – Emma

    • 2.6.20
      Kate K said:

      Window seat for life! I tend to get a little bit of vertigo and nausea if I’m not looking out the window when the plane is moving (mainly just when it’s on the tarmac, or when the plane is turning in the air) and I love watching the ground get farther and farther away during takeoff!

      • 2.6.20
        Jessica said:

        I do love looking out the window to see everything!

  5. 2.6.20
    Lisa Autumn said:

    Window for me for sure!

    Lisa |