What Will You Do Differently After Quarantine

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We’re going on lord knows how many weeks of being at home. COVID will forever change how we live our lives. And it’s definitely changed how we’ve communicated, kept in touch, and lived our lives lately. It’s had me wondering what I’ll do differently once this is all over. Both in the near distant future as things begin to open up. But also the long term for the rest of my life.

There’s been a lot of reflection happening during this. From a business stand point, to personal. Do I really want to live in a city in a high rise, or do I want more space and a yard. Do I want to focus on finding a boyfriend, do the apps really matter, or does finding someone to care about trump the icky feeling I get from the app? Are these things important to even care about?

I have noticed a few things that I’ve learned and observed over this time that I know for sure I’ll do differently thanks to this experience. Here are a few things I know I’m seeing in a different light thanks to COVID.

Things I’ll Do Differently After Quarantine

A Focus On Friendships & Relationships

A few things that quarantine has truly put into perspective is the importance of maintaining friendships and connections. And I think that proactive behavior is something I’d really like to focus on once this is over. As someone who’s single and has been for a while, my friendships mean a lot to me. Before this all happened, I was trying to expand my own inner circle. And sure now it’s impossible, but I’m holding onto the ones I have around me and strengthening those bonds. Through FaceTime calls, socially distant walks and picnics, whatever I can to connect. The same goes for family. Family has always been everything to me and I’m so grateful for them.

Walks Around The Neighborhood

More walks. I think this will be easier said than done as we head into southern humid summers. But getting out for a walk just feels really great. I’ve been doing them A LOT from short 1 miles walks around the block, to 3.5 miles with a friend around town. Maybe next we’ll do a hike outside the city. Getting moving more, outside of my workouts, has been so enjoyable.

Less Consumption

The need and want for more has completely gone away during all of this. If anything I’ve made a few swaps to make my home more enjoyable like a new coffee maker and a few comfy dresses to wear that make me feel better about sitting around all day. But overall, my consumption has been reduced greatly and I’m excited about that. I’ve spent less money, I don’t feel overwhelmed with “stuff” and I try to appreciate what I already have. Thankfully, doing Kon Mari helped start this last year, but this has really made me realize how you don’t need so much shit.

I’ll Vote Differently

The thing that 100% came to light during this is how important it is to vote. I hate to admit this, but I never voted outside a presidential election until about 2 years ago. I never even thought about our mayor. Couldn’t even tell you who the hell she was. But when this all happened, and our mayor Keisha Bottoms, just killed it in every way, I realized how important it is to vote for local officials. She has affected my every day more than our governor and honestly our president has by her decisions for our city.

And this might have me thinking about social issues more when I do head to the polls. I’ll definitely be looking more closely at who is running for office, what their views are and how they may not only affect me, but the people in my community. Plus, I’ll be making sure I’m putting it on my calendar when local elections are happening.

What will you do differently?

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Jessica is an Atlanta life and style blogger. Aiming to bring practical tips to your every day life. Tips that you can easily tackle and make your life feel just a tad more 'put-together'.

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  1. 5.27.20
    Lisa Autumn said:

    YES YES YES! I totally feel the same! x

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  2. 5.27.20
    CH said:

    I can’t agree more! ??

  3. 5.27.20
    Karly said:

    This was such a great post, Jess! I agree that there’s been a lot of time to think and reflect throughout the recent weeks. Like you, I’ve been happy to cut down on consumption and simply be happy with what I have (minus sprucing up a few things in our own house!). I hope that we all will value friendships and family more now, too!


  4. 5.28.20
    christine shanus said:

    Fantastic post, love your mayor. Hugs from Peachtree city. And I’m reading more too

    • 5.28.20
      Jessica said:

      Thanks so much for following along!