The Do’s & Don’ts Of What To Wear To A Business Meeting

The Do's & Don'ts Of What To Wear To A Business Meeting
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Express Blazer • Express Cinch Waist Pants • Garnet Hill Sweater • Steve Madden Daisie Heels • Gigi New York Bag 
affordable suits for women
Express Blazer • Express Cinch Waist Pants • Garnet Hill Sweater • Steve Madden Daisie Heels • Gigi New York Bag 
how to style a suit for fall
Express Blazer • Express Cinch Waist Pants • Garnet Hill Sweater • Steve Madden Daisie Heels • Gigi New York Bag 

One of my favorite perks about running this blog full time is not needing a full closet of suits anymore. I was ALL ABOUT a suit back in the day. I think it was that idea that I was working up the corporate ladder and it was a nice departure from college clothes. But let me tell ya, that faded quickly. My first job as you may remember me chatting about here, was not my favorite. I found solace in heading to Express on my lunch break to buy all the things. It was a really terrible habit, but I also figured, hey I need suits! At the time I needed all of them. It was a fairly conservative office as in, no shoulders are shown. Or at least, not mine because they hated me. It’s true.

Then came my next day job where I NEVER had to wear a suit. It was great, but then all those suits just sat there and it was a little sad. After a few years, then a few years of the blog, I ended up donating all of them. I had no purpose for them. Until of course, I had meetings to attend, and panels to speak on in corporate environments. Quickly, I learned that one should always have a great suit, or suit pieces, that they can grab no matter what their job is. although my work is very casual and it’s mostly spent at home, alone, in lounge clothes, I still have to attend business meetings and sit on panels and be presentable. In a fashionable and stylish way of course.

So today I want to chat about what on earth to wear to a business meeting. Whether you have a day job and always need to be in a suit, or have a more casual office dress code and may not know where to start, today is all about what to wear to that big meeting! These tips also work for men and women too! So here goes!

What To Wear To A Business Meeting

What To Wear To A Business Meeting

When thinking about what to wear to a business meeting it’s important to think about looking presentable. This goes for any type of meeting. Some meetings may be more casual, some more formal. If you’re not sure WHICH type of meeting you’re heading into, always air on the side of slightly more formal. If you have a business casual meeting it could mean you can wear jeans, or remove the jacket. Even if you have a more formal meeting, you’ll want to make sure you’re in a full suit and collared shirt. Either way, you want to dressed for success and here’s how to do it! 

Casual Business Meeting Outfits

Leave The Sneakers At Home

Casual doesn’t ever mean to wear your sneakers. If you want to choose a flat shoe, opt for a great loafer or lace up flat. They’re a great option that’s more casual, you’ll feel comfortable yet still be polished.

Ditch The Distressed Denim

You don’t have to ditch ALL denim. But you HAVE to choose smart denim. Think dark wash with NO fading, no rips, no raw hems. You want them to almost look like navy trousers. For example, these wide leg jeans would be great for a casual business meeting. And depending on your field, this outfit would work too even though the denim has a touch of fading to it. You still have a great third piece and heels on so you’re good to go!

Add A Third Piece

The simplest trick to pulling a look together is adding a third piece. Even for casual business meetings at a coffee shop or over lunch, a third piece like a jacket (or a sports jacket for the men) or even a neck scarf adds a nice touch to complete the look. It can take a more casual look like jeans and a collared shirt, to a dressed up put together look!

Formal Business Meeting Outfits

I would say today’s outfit is the way to go for a formal business meeting. It’s a full suit, nice cashmere sweater and high heels. You can always swap the sweater out for a collared shirt, but a nice sweater is nice too. Formal meetings are usually held at nicer dinners, or maybe your interview. I think if you’re ever unsure about which direction to go, always go more formal. It’s better to be the best dressed person in the room than not! Here’s some tips for dressing the part for your next formal business meeting.

Full Suit For Sure!

I think a full suit is the way to go. This can mean a pantsuit, or even a pencil skirt with a coordinating blazer. And for men, always go for a full suit and tie. You can even mix and match your dress pants with a blazer if you like like I did below! The burgundy pants outfit paired with a classic plaid blazer is a great combo to reach for.

Dresses Can Work

Dresses are always a nice option and some women prefer to be in dresses. When choosing great dresses for work, always go for something that hits right above the knee. Anything shorter is not acceptable! Below are a few favorite formal meeting approved dresses!

Business Meeting Do's And Don'ts

Business Meeting Do’s And Don’ts

There are a few things that you should NEVER do regardless of the meeting being formal, casual, at a coffee shop or at the finest of restaurants. 

  • DON’T ever wear flip flops! Period! 
  • DON’T let your bra strap show. Or your midriff, or an open sexy back dress. 
  • DO Be tailored! And pressed! Your clothing should say “I have my shit together”. Which means, get your pants hemmed if they need it. Make sure things are pressed and dry cleaned (and just clean in general!)
  • DO bring the necessary things for a meeting. Depending on what it is that may mean pen and paper, your resume, and so on.
  • DO put on some makeup. You do’nt need a ton, but you should be presentable. 
  • DO brush your hair or pull it back into a bun.

Photos by Hannah Michelle

Jessica is an Atlanta life and style blogger. Aiming to bring practical tips to your every day life. Tips that you can easily tackle and make your life feel just a tad more 'put-together'.

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    Your tips are SO on point! And this suit on you is just perfection!

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      Thanks Dana! The pieces are fun to wear separately which is always a plus

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    I could not agree more on the advice to be tailored and pressed! Nothing ruins any look more than ill fitting pieces and wrinkles.

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    Oh I am obsessed with this look!

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