What To Ask For When You Visit The Hair Salon

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I don’t know what’s happening lately, but I’ve been getting WAY more questions than usual about my hair cut. So much so that I thought it would be easier to write a post about what my stylist does and how to make sure you leave happy from the salon.  I enlisted the help of my stylist, Nichole, who is fantastic and may I add super cool. She was recommended to me by my previous stylist Rachel who moved a few years back. I was devastated when Rachel moved because she saved my terrible bob hair cut.  She put me in good hands though with Nichole who works at Adore Hair Studio in Inman Park.  Nichole not only does cut, but color and balayage as well. I’ve never left not liking my hair and we’re always swapping the best texture spray finds.

Asking Nichole what the hell she does to my hair was key because I feel like I’ve never really asked for anything specifically except “don’t chop it yet” and “just clean up the ends”. She always asks me a slew of other questions that I feel like I never know if I’m answering correctly. But clearly, I am. I love my cut and it makes styling it effortless and easy. Because she KNOWS I style my hair and is aware that I know my way around a hair brush, curling iron and blowdryer she always asks if I want more layers. I always say sure, not really knowing what the hell it means. But here’s how she would describe my cut if you’d like to ask for something similar from your stylist.

Ask for long layers throughout with some soft layers around the face. Keep your face framing layers below the chin. Nichole always finishes my cut with dry texturing for movement. This is done only with scissors, no thinning shears. 

I also get my hair cut every 8-10 weeks. At the 8 week mark, my layers definitely get out of whack and my hair begins to feel like a mushroom at the button. Maintaining a cut means getting it cut often. Just because your hair is long doesn’t mean you can go months and months without cutting it and expect it to still look great. Maintenance is key and I aim for 8-10 weeks. 10-12 if I’m trying to grow it, 8 if I’m just maintaining the same look.

As for my color, I’m not big into color. The only reason why I did balayage is because Redken reached out and offered me a day at the salon to do this. I’m actually quite against doing color on my hair since I haven’t gone grey yet and DETEST being at the hair salon for more than my 45 minute hair cut.  However, I LOVE how my color came out. It hasn’t turned brassy and is literally the most subtle color ever. I’m obsessed. I know they only lifted me 2 shades (I believe) and did very few pieces throughout my hair. They went more cool, versus warm (which can easily turn brassy with my hair color). the result was the perfect sun-kissed glow to my super dark color that looked natural.

Regardless if you’re looking for a similar cut to mine or not, it’s important to always go into a hair appointment prepared.  Here’s how to do it.

How To Always Leave Happy From A Hair Appointment

Find Someone You Trust

This seems like a no-brainer, but if you ask me, it’s the hardest thing to find when you move to a new city, or your beloved stylist moves away. There’s NOTHING worse than a bad cut, trust me I know! I’ve experienced the absolute most awful Mom Bob on the planet, to totally butchered bangs. BUTCHERED you guys, I think I cried actually it was that bad. Finding someone you trust is as simple as finding someone at the grocery store with a great cut and ask who does her hair. It’s how my Mom always found someone when we moved to new places growing up and it never failed. Plus, with Instagram now, you can creep on the stylist and see their work first hand which is kind of amazing.

Do Your Research & Bring Visuals

With the help of Instagram and Pinterest, start saving your favorite cuts and styles to a board or your archives to show your stylist. Stylists are creative people so they’re usually super visual. Plus the way you may describe the cut you’re showing them, may be totally wrong. We aren’t the experts, they are. So showing them actual pictures of things you like (and maybe even a few of some you definitely don’t like) will ensure everyone is on the same page.

Ask The Right Questions

It important to ask the right questions to a stylist so that they can get you the right cut and style for your hair. And to be honest in what you really are capable of doing with your hair.  First, do layers work for my hair texture? Summer plays a big part in that, depending on if your hair gets bigger with the humidity. And second, do I have to style it more with layers? Meaning…are you going to style it? If you’re a let your hair dry and go kind of girl, you need to communicate this to your stylist. If you round brush your hair and use tools, she should know this too. This all plays a role in the type of cut you’ll get and your stylist can also manage your expectations.

Be Honest

If you get a cut or color and it just isn’t right, say something. I’ve been guilty of not wanting to hurt the stylist’s feelings, but you’re paying for a service and you deserve to get what you want. Say something if the color doesn’t look just right, sometimes it’s a quick fix of a toner. If your cut feels off, it may just mean it needs some more texturizing to allow it to fall better.  Your hair should look its BEST when you leave. If it doesn’t make you feel good or look the way you both agreed on, speak up. I’m emphasizing, what you BOTH agreed on because you may have shown her photos of Kim K, and your stylist may have said “this won’t be possible for your hair but we can do something like this instead”. If you don’t look like Kim K then you weren’t listening to your stylist.

Also, be sure to check out your most common hair questions answered right here! Enlisting the help of Nichole again and my bestie, Alexandra of Coleman Alexander Salon

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  1. 6.26.18
    Laura Leigh said:

    Really great tips + recommendations gal! I am in need a trim so I will be remembering these when I go in.

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 5.10.19

    It sure was nice that you suggested showing your favorite cuts and styles to a hair stylist when you visit a hair salon. My sister and I want to find a reliable hair salon because we want to have new hairstyles. Our goal is to look younger and prettier with our new hairstyle. We’ll be sure to do all your tips because we want to be satisfied with our new hairstyles.

  3. 5.13.19
    Helena Hughes said:

    It was nice that you suggested bringing the photos of your favorite cuts and styles that you can show to a hair stylist. My sister will surely appreciate this tip because she wants to have her hair color changed. What she wants is to have reddish brown hair color. It’s because she wants to change the way she looks. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. 8.1.19

    I like how the article explains that you should bring pictures to your hair salon so you can be able to show your hairstylist exactly what you want. I have been wanting to get caramel highlights in my hair because I saw a picture of exactly what I want. I will make sure to bring in the picture so I can show what I want.

  5. 12.30.19

    I appreciate the idea of asking people with nice haircuts where they go to find a stylist we can trust. My wife is stressed about getting her haircut in our new town because she doesn’t want it messed up. We’ll have to ask around and see if we can find a good place she can go.

  6. 7.20.20

    I like how you mentioned letting the stylist know how you brush your hair and how you take care of it. My sister just moved to New York and needs to find a new salon to style her hair for an upcoming wedding she’s going to. I’ll be sure to share this with her so she can ask some of these questions to potential salons.