What Sport Did You Play Growing Up

figure skates

When I was little, I spent most of my childhood in Montreal. From the age of 3-10, I lived in the suburbs of the very Europe inspired city. I remember speaking french in nursery school, to playing hockey as our gym class in the 3rd grade and loving poutine! I also have vivid memories of grocery shopping with my Mom and picking up milk in a bag, Aero bars and Humpty Dumpty ketchup flavored chips. But the thing I remember most was the first time I ever put ice skates on and hit the ice. It was right in our backyard.

Montreal is COLD and the winters are brutal. It snowed every Halloween and it didn’t stop until May. Our lives were snow. One winter day it got a little warm and all that snow in our backyard melted. And then overnight, froze right back up. It created a sheet of ice that was perfect for ice skating on. My older sister had already been skating for a year or two. She already grew out of her first pair of skates, so there was a pair primed for my little 6 year old feet.

I remember taking to the ice in our backyard and loving it. Was I a natural? My mom said I was, but let’s be honest, I never became an Olympian so I think that’s just Mom being Mom. But it started my love for figure skating. I ended up taking lessons for years after this. When we moved to Portland Oregon, I also took up synchronized skating which was a really fun sport to do with a team.

Since ice skating is a way of life in Quebec, there was a rink on every corner and everyone did this sport. But when we moved to the Northwest, it wasn’t. There were only lessons offered in the morning before school. So I would wake up while still dark out (I used to sleep in my skating tights to make getting ready quicker in the early hours) and head to the rink for an hour or two of practice.

I’ll never forget in middle school, they allowed me to make my gym class my figure skating. So I would skip my first-period gym class to go to practice and show up to school a whole period late. Once I got to high school I decided to be a cheerleader instead.

Putting my figure skates up for good wasn’t a hard decision at the time. But looking back, it’s the one thing I wish I stuck to. I don’t think I would’ve ever become an Olympian like some of my peers from my childhood. However, I just wish I stuck to it and committed more time to it instead of giving up so swiftly.

What sport did you play growing up?

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  1. 6.25.20
    Annaliese said:

    I was a figure skater growing up as well!! I also stopped in high school. I used to compete in elementary school but I had double stress fractures in my hips in 6th grade, so I did it just recreationally after that.

    xoxo A

    • 6.25.20
      Jessica said:

      That’s so cool! Sorry to hear about your injuries, those sound terrible!

  2. 6.25.20
    Dana said:

    I grew up playing and loving basketball, but when I got to high school I gave it up for Cross Country/Track & Field. Honestly was the best decision ever considering I definitely wasn’t getting anywhere with basketball (I’m only 5’2). I was an All American runner and met my best friends to this day because of running!

    Dana | It’s Casual Blog 

    • 6.25.20
      Jessica said:

      How interesting! I was never into running, so track & field never interested me ha!

  3. 6.25.20
    Abigail said:

    I grew up on soccer. I played 4 years in a rec league, when I was very small. Then later a year in high school as well. I wasn’t great, but I was fast!

    • 6.25.20
      Jessica said:

      I was never good at soccer! Thanks for sharing.

    • 6.26.20
      Jessica said:

      I was never good at soccer. Wish I was I feel like all the cool kids did that sport!

  4. 6.25.20
    Kate K said:

    I played soccer from the time I was about 5 years old through 8th grade! Similar to you, I wish I stuck with it through high school, especially since my high school girls team was number one in the state all four years! I played ice hockey in high school, though, and I’m so glad I did! I love skating and hockey!

  5. 6.25.20
    Kate K. said:

    I played soccer from the time I was about 5 years old through 8th grade! Similarly to you, I wish I stuck with it through high school, especially since my high school girls soccer team was number one in the state all four years! I played ice hockey in high school though and am so glad I did! I love skating and the sport of hockey!

    • 6.26.20
      Jessica said:

      Oh wow that’s amazing! We played hockey in elementary school, it was our actual gym class, so crazy!

  6. 6.25.20
    Kari said:

    This was such a fun little post! I grew up about 10 minutes south of the Quebec border in Vermont and my mom is from Lake Placid so ice skating in theory should be in my blood but I’m AWFUL at it so major props to you! I spent my whole life on the mountain skiing/snowboarding- never competitively but I did become an instructor for awhile and I’m so happy I still get to do it all the time in the winter.

    • 6.26.20
      Jessica said:

      Oh how I wish I was a better snowboarder. I could barely get off a ski lift! Love Vermont btw, such a gorgeous place.

  7. 6.26.20

    I did figure skating too but on roller skates which was big where I grew up, Although I quit after 2 years. I still did it for fun just quit lessons. As I got older I couldnt do any more sports though because my mom was a single mom ….and she barely made enough to pay for my brothers to play football. So I always felt guilty to ask her to pay for anything extra for me so i didnt bother participating in anything after that.

    • 6.26.20
      Jessica said:

      Roller skating sounds like fun! We did that a bunch growing up for fun too.