What Are You Looking Forward To Doing After Quarantine

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Right now it’s really easy to focus on the negative of everything that’s going on. My biggest fear right now is something happening to a family member health wise that will keep us from being together. With 94-year-old grandparents, the other grandparents are in New York where the news is growing scarier by the day, to my immediate family here in Atlanta; it’s my biggest fear right now. One can just hope that we all stay healthy throughout all of this.

The scary things have quickly forced me to think about the happy and positive things I’m looking forward to doing once this is all over. My list is getting longer as this quarantine continues. But that’s okay, why not look forward to lots of things, right? Mostly because I’m realizing all of the amazing simple moments that I took for granted. Like just hanging out at my parent’s house even though I would bitch that their living room didn’t have a TV. Or saying yes to that happy hour with friends instead of just sitting on my couch because, #introvert. This has all definitely forced me to realize what we’re so lucky to have and how quickly and easily you can take anything for granted.

What I’m Looking Forward To Doing After COVID Quarantine

Family Time

It really is the thing I realized first when this all began. I wasn’t too worried about sitting at home for a month. I work from home, I’m an introvert, I have a dog, all is fine. But the thing that really scared me the most was god forbid health issues in the family that would keep us apart. I can’t wait to just go to my parents house for dinner with the dogs and be together again.

Patio Drinks With Friends

One of the best activities to do in Atlanta in the spring is hanging out on a patio and enjoy cocktails. So many memories of having Sunday Funday with friends while enjoying some sunshine. And as always, I can sometimes be guilty of saying no and spending my Sunday at home getting work done because I prefer to have a Monday off. Never again!


Clearly any and all travel is off the table. Being able to travel the world whether you go on a little weekend getaway or hop over to a new continent is truly an experience and adventure worth taking in my book. I’m having to cancel a trip and possibly a second one if this pandemic doesn’t pull it’s shit together soon. I can’t wait to get back on an airplane and judging people’s airport etiquette as soon as possible. But it really made me realize just how grateful I am for the opportunity to be able to travel the world. And when I do get to hop on a plane again I’ll be sure to put the phone down more to take in more of my experience and destination because it’s all just too precious.

What are you most excited to get back to doing?

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  1. 4.8.20
    Alicia said:

    Having dinner with my parents and coffee breaks with colleagues! My great uncle passed last week and we can’t have a funeral. His own siblings couldn’t travel to say goodbye, so it’s been a weird time.

    • 4.10.20
      Jessica said:

      I’m so sorry to hear that. That is truly my biggest worry in this all and I’m sorry you have to experience that. Sending a big virtual hug your way!

  2. 4.8.20

    Yes! So many things I want to do …..so many plans cancelled out of laziness or just fear. NO MORE! Im going everywhere and anywhere!

  3. 4.8.20
    Lauren said:

    I love this! You’ve inspired me to write my own post about this. I’m looking forward to the little things, like going to a coffee shop or wandering around stores again.


  4. 4.10.20
    Karly said:

    Love this post! I’ve been reflecting a lot on this topic, too. Top of the list for me is seeing my family – I want to hug my parents for hours and bicker with my siblings like nothing has changed. I’m also fully okay to admit that I’m looking forward to wandering around Target, ha!