Ride The Wave Hair Tutorial

You’ve probably (well hopefully) read my wavy hair tutorial from a few years ago here. It’s my most popular post on my blog believe it or not! Because of that, I wanted to start sharing a few more hair tutorials but I have to be honest, I’m lame and usually wear my hair just a handful of ways. But today’s wavy hair is slightly different and has been a fun way to change up my usual waves. It takes my same technique from my wavy hair tutorial, but one slight change that makes all the difference to change it up. Curl everything in the same direction. Oh and then brush the crap out of it.

I saw my hair stylist post this photo on her Instagram a long time ago and commented that she HAD to do it to my hair next time I was in. She shared her tips with me and today I’m sharing them with you. You can see our recreation here. Mine turned out a little different in today’s post because of the barrel size I use. This is totally a preference on how loose you want things. My beautician usually uses a 1 1/4 inch which is what she used in both of those photos. But the one I own doesn’t get hot enough, so I always use my 1 inch.  It creates a slightly tighter wave versus a more loose one. Totally up to you. And now I need a 1 1/4 inch and shall add it to my Christmas list. 

For those of you who live in Atlanta and are looking for a hair stylist, I see Nichole Abad at Adore Hair Studio in Inman Park. She’s amazing and we’re both Madewell obsessed. We’re basically best friends. Okay we aren’t, but I wouldn’t hate that, she seems pretty darn cool.

Here’s how to create the wave.

I separate my hair into two sections, separating it around the crown of my head. With my curling iron, I curl all of my hair, you can leave the ends out to create a more relaxed look, and go all in the same direction. I usually curl the two pieces in front of my face away from my face though. Again, totally up to you.

Continue with the top section until your entire head looks ridiculous like the photo below.

Your hair should look a little something like this when you’re done. Yes it looks ridiculous. I know. From here you brush it all out. I know that goes against just about everything your mother probably told you about curling your hair. But it’s 2017 and if you aren’t brushing out your curls, we can’t be friends. I take a wide tooth comb and comb it all out. This does so much more than just using your fingers. It helps to create the pretty wave we’re going for, versus those messy undone waves I wear all the time.

The next step in this process is to brush out your waves. I start with a wide tooth comb to see how it turns out first. If you want to really break up the waves even more, go through with a Denman brush (or paddle brush of your preference). Add some texture spray and hairspray to set it and that’s it!

PS if you need extra volume you can check out this post for my tips.

Photos by Viva Lux Photography


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  1. 10.31.17
    Laura Leigh said:

    Looks fabulous! I definitely need to get a wide tooth comb. I use my fingers and you’re right, it doesn’t do enough.

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 10.31.17

    ugh – this makes me want longer hair!!

    Lauren Elyce