The Best In Trendy Hairclips

The Best In Trendy Hairclips
The Best In Trendy Hairclips

The Hair Clip Trend

The hair clip game is happening BIG TIME, friends! If you haven’t tried it out yet, what are you waiting for? And yes, you’re probably seeing the pearl hair clips absolutely everywhere. I feel like they sparked the movement, but they are not the only option. There’s so many wonderful hair clips out there to fit any style.

You all know I’m not really a pearl kind of a gal, but I had to try it. I don’t HATE it. But it’s definitely not my favorite. Plus, paired with a sleek bob and a simple tee, it feels more me for sure. However, since this trend is in full swing, there are so many clips and barrettes to choose from. First, let’s chat how to wear them!

How To Wear The Hair Clip Trend

You don’t have to be a hair expert to wear this fun trend. They’re simple to add to any and all hairstyles. Whether you go simple like I did with these pearl ones by placing them on the side of your part. Or go more fancy by adding them to a messy top knot. You can add them to the side pulling a few pieces back, or even clip up all your baby hairs below the bun. It’s a fun take on a topkont and makes even the girliest of clips feel more badass.

If you’re into a braid, you can always add these instead of doing a bobby pin holding pieces back. I love a simple fishtail braid pulled back like this. Swap bobby pin for a fun trendy clip. Or just take a piece of hair and do a simple twist and secure!

My Favorite Trendy Hair Clips

Pearl Clips

The clip that I think started it all. A pearl clip can be a fun way to dress up any hairstyle. They can be dressy or casual and paired with so many different hairstyles. This trend is very Blaire Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

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Classic Gold

When I think of a classic hair clip, I always think gold. Simple hair barrettes with no embellishment can actually pack a big statement.

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Enamel & Colorful

I’m loving all the fun colorful snap clips that are popping up everywhere. Whether you want to go super bold and colorful, or one solid enamel color. I just picked up a mustard yellow enamel clip and a hunter green one. Perfect for fall!

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This is probably the easiest and most simple of these hair accessories to style. Works with all hair colors and isn’t too flashy. Start with this set if you’re unsure about this clip trend.

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Photos by Hannah Lozano

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  1. 7.9.19

    I agree, the pearl clips aren’t you! Those tortoise ones though…I can def see you rocking those!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  2. 7.9.19
    Rachel said:

    I need to update my trendy hair clip collection ASAP! Love the ones you’re wearing, as well as all of the gold ones you linked!


  3. 7.11.19

    For me, pearl clips are my go-to! However, since this trend is not going anywhere, I think I might need to pick up some colorful enamel ones soon.

    xo Amanda ||