Tied With A Bow

Topshop Bow Back Stripe Body Suit | Mini Denim Skirt | Welden Bag | Express Heels (similar) | French Connection Gold Ring | Sisley Lipstick in “Poppy”

Topshop Bow Back Stripe Body Suit | Mini Denim Skirt | Welden Bag | Express Heels (similar) | French Connection Gold Ring | Sisley Lipstick in “Poppy”

If we can be honest here for a minute guys, I’ve got a story for you. Before heading out of the house in this look I had to go pee. This is a body suit, so I had to unsnap myself. Which was fine, super easy right? But then, I had to snap myself back in… which was a whole other situation. It took me a solid 3 minutes to get this thing snapped together again. Why are bodysuits so difficult? I get it, in order for it to fit the way it needs to, it needs to be a bodysuit, but I think I’d just rather take the whole damn thing off to go pee, versus having to fight the snaps again. No thank you!

I do love this little bodysuit though. I tried it on a few weeks ago in Nordstrom and loved it but thought meh, not for that price (it’s under $50 but I’m sure I’ll wear it twice). Then while in London I popped into Topshop and tried it back on and got to pay the Pounds price (with the conversion, but still so much cheaper). I’m so in love with it. I’ve clearly got a thing for tops with fun backs like this dress and sweater.  I’m thinking this will be perfect next with a pair of high rise wide leg jeans. Yup, that’s next! Done!

PS – I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow and am officially in that “in between” stage where I want to chop it all off again, but don’t. HELP! My hair finally feels longish and I’m finally realizing it after seeing these photos!


Photos by JNelly

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  1. 3.8.17
    tiffany said:

    You captured the beauty of this cute top perfectly!


  2. 3.8.17

    Ha- Love your bathroom story! Looks great though! I love the bow detail in the back, and I agree this makes a great date night outfit. Love your heels too!

  3. 3.8.17

    That denim skirt though! Work it!

  4. 3.8.17
    maria said:

    loving the back details!

  5. 3.8.17
    Maggie said:

    I love the bow back on this! It is so perfect for the spring and summer!


  6. 3.8.17
    Nataly said:

    This is the cutest outfit! I haven’t gotten a body suit yet, but now I am thinking I need one!

  7. 3.8.17

    I can’t even remember the last time I wore a body suit…love it on you!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  8. 3.8.17
    Lee Anne said:

    I love how you’ve styled this adorable top! Looks so good with the denim skirt.

    Lee Anne

  9. 3.8.17
    Kayleigh said:

    I am dying at this whole look! I need this body suit!

  10. 3.8.17

    I have been on a total bodysuit kick lately. Love this pretty bow back!

  11. 3.8.17
    Rachel said:

    Ugh, bodysuits are the worst when it comes to using the restroom. I always wait until the last possible moment to go just so I can put off dealing with the snaps, which always backfires & makes the situation 10x worse! Love this suit though, the bow in the back is so adorable!

  12. 3.8.17
    Allyson said:

    Leave your hair long, you pull it off and it looks great on you!

    • 3.8.17
      Jessica said:

      Thanks!! I feel like it looks awful!!

  13. 3.8.17

    Chop it off! It is about to be summer after all 😉

  14. 3.8.17

    Love that top!

  15. 3.9.17
    Kelsey said:

    That is the cutest body suit, and i love it paired with that jean skirt!!!! xo

  16. 3.9.17
    Nina said:

    This bodysuit is so cute on you! I’m really tempted to try the trend but I’m not sure I can pull it off this well!

    xx Nina

  17. 3.10.17
    Mollie said:

    Love the pretty bow back on this bodysuit! I’m headed to London in less than 2 weeks, I’ll have to check out all your posts for some recs!

    xx Mollie

    • 3.10.17
      Jessica said:

      I’ll be doing a recap post next week too with some things I did and places I ate. Be sure to check back then!

  18. 3.14.17
    angelle Marix said:

    I’m loving that top. You look so very beautiful!!