A Navy, Gold And Hunter Green Tablescape For The Holidays

A Navy, Gold And Hunter Green Tablescape For The Holidays A Navy, Gold And Hunter Green Tablescape For The Holidays A Navy, Gold And Hunter Green Tablescape For The Holidays Tips for Setting a Table - My Style Vita Tips for Setting a Table - My Style Vita Tips for Setting a Table - My Style Vita How To Set A Table The Right Way For Guests - My Style Vita How To Set A Table The Right Way For Guests - My Style Vita How To Set A Table The Right Way For Guests

We are officially in full-on holiday mode, friends! I can’t believe Thanksgiving already came and went and now we’re thinking about Christmas! And if you’re Jewish, as I am, Hannukah starts next week! When Jaime and I chatted about transforming my space for an epic Thanksgiving buffet (you can see that whole spread here) she also wanted to set up my table. I thought, meh, my table is kinda boring and it’s just glass. Nothing fancy. Well, Jaime proved me wrong. It doesn’t even matter how boring your table is because it can 100% be transformed with the right pieces.

Jaime came over with tons of great swag for this table. From great chargers (how do I not own any?!) to the most gorgeous flowers and unique vintage name card holder. She set it up so quickly and effortlessly that it’s inspired me to host more at home. I watched her set it all up and took lots of mental notes. Here’s what I learned from Jaime!

How To Set A Table The Right Way For Guests

Use A Charger

A charger is such an easy and affordable way to instantly make your table feel more festive. I think keeping it simple in a metallic is the way to go. Or something natural like wicker or rattan is always a good call too and a touch more casual. We went with gold since my flatware was also gold and it tied it all together.

The great thing about chargers is that they can be used at all your parties. There’s no need to switch them out for something different once you grab a set. That’s why I recommend investing (although they’re usually fairly cheap like this gold set under $12 for 4) in ones that match your entertaining flatware should you have any, or your decor. This way you’ll get the most out of them. If anything, have a dressier elegant set for holidays like the gold and a summer set like something in a natural material for dining al fresco with friends.

No Need For Fancy Plates

You really don’t need to go all out on a fancy dinner plate here. These white ones are a touch fancy, but honestly, my plain white ones work just fine. Once you place it on top of a pretty charger and add a more decorative salad plate on top, no one will really notice the standard white plate. Plus, who has space for an entirely new set of plates? I sure don’t, so all white Ikea plates work just fine.

Add Color & Interest With Your Salad Plate

The salad plate is really the piece here that ties this whole look together and truly elevates it all. If we added another white plate or even gold, this would’ve been a little blah. But the navy with the floral texture to it was really the highlight of the table. These are great to have for a salad plate and also a dessert plate so stock up on them! I love the moody deep hue it added to the table. It really pulled the whole look together.

Upgrade Your Flatware

And when I mean upgrade, I’m not saying you have to spend a ton here. Gold flatware is definitely hot right now and you can thankfully find it at Target and Ikea at really great prices. I think they add such an elegant touch to a table. I picked my set up YEARS ago at West Elm before the more affordable options were available. But clearly, this trend is here to stay as everyone is getting in on the look.

Add A Great Glass

You don’t have to change out ALL your glassware here, but adding either a nicer wine glass or water glass is a nice update. We went with more gold and used these pretty gold striped water glasses to set the table with. Keeping the wine glasses simple was perfectly fine!

Add A Fun Napkin

To tie this entire look together, Jaime brought in these hunter green and gold napkins for the table. They tied in the gold and the greenery from all the florals. The napkins also have a great story behind them as they’re from The Peace Exchange and help women in developing countries.  For me, I think the napkin is the most stressful part of this. Just keep in mind your color scheme and vibe. This was an elevated and elegant table with lots of jewel tones so this napkin played perfectly into that.

Include A Name Tag

Every plate should have a name tag of some sort. I think it’s such a nice personal touch. Plus, my favorite dinner party tip is to put name tags down to separate couples and BFF’s. It forces you to mingle with new people and keeps conversations going. If you just sit with your significant other, or lean on your bestie for comfort, you won’t make new memories with new people! If you’re doing a small gathering though, you can simply place cheerful words instead of name tags. These vintage glass vases and name tag holders were so unique and a great way to display a flower and “gather” at each seat. PS these are called Pink King Proteas and they’re just so darn cool!

Be Careful With Centerpieces

Centerpieces don’t have to be fussy at all. The only real tip here when it comes to adding a centerpiece is to be mindful of the height. You won’t want to block anyone’s view while they sit across from one another. Make sure it is below eye level.  You can add various heights and interest, but make sure the majority of it is below eye level for great conversation.

Since my table is only set for 4, one beautiful arrangement was all we needed for how much space was left. Should this table had been bigger, we could’ve added some greenery and candles to expand on it. Mixing in different items like candles, votives, plants, greenery and these pomander balls is a great way to take the buffet pieces into the centerpiece so that it all works together.

Photos by Hannah Michelle // Flowers by ATL Petal Peddler // Styling by Jaime Roberts

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