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On New Years Eve my friends and I went to brunch since we all had different plans to ring in the new year. After devouring all the food my friend and I headed to the bar for a cocktail before heading home. While catching up she asked me if I wanted to join her in Vermont after her work trip in a couple weeks. With family in the area and zero trips planned for 2018 (which was quite different than New Years Eve 2016) I said sure why not. Plus, tickets were barely 25k Skymiles. While sipping a cocktail, I purchased my flight on the Delta app and we were set. Well we thought we were.

Her hotel accommodations and work trip ended up getting cancelled a week before. We scrambled to find a place to stay that wasn’t booked. Not easy in a little ski town in the middle of winter. Thankfully we stumbled onto Edson Hill and fell in love with the charm. Although a tad on the pricey side, with a free flight, I said why not. Off to Vermont for some skiing, snowshoeing and all the food.


Edson Hill – Since accommodations were limited, we had very few options to choose from. I’m almost glad because I probably would’ve gone a cheaper route and regretted it. This place was so impressive. The decor and charm were off the charts amazing, the amenities were also fantastic. It was about a 15 minute drive to Stowe to ski and less than 10 minutes to all the great restaurants and breweries. Breakfast was included which was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had (still dreaming about the pork belly kimchi polenta).

The property also offers snowshoe and cross country tours. Plus, it’s a hoppin place for dinner and drinks. The bar was pretty packed Saturday night, the food is amazing. We also really loved just hanging out by the fire at night before heading in to crash. They even had Scrabble and Jenga to play to keep you busy. It was cozy, the staff was super friendly and it was super picturesque.



Doc Ponds – Cauliflower salad was one of the best things I ever ate!

Idyletime Brewery & Restaurant – We just did beer, but the restaurant side looked really delicious

The Bench – Poutine, mac and cheese and all the beer

Matterhorn – Local spot, great pizza and the sushi is apparently the best around

Edson Hill – Just eat everything, breakfast or dinner

The Farmhouse – *In Burlington, highly recommended and we loved every bite. Mac and cheese was heavenly, beet salad and great fish and chips.

The Cosmic Grind – *In Burlington, grabbed a maple latte here, so delicious!

Cold Hollow Cider Mill – Grab a hot cider and cider donut before heading home


Whether you’re traveling as a blogger or a tourist, I truly believe it’s great to work with a photographer to capture some great photos and memories of your trip. It’s an hour or two of your day with guaranteed pictures you’ll cherish forever. Plus, the local photographers always seem to have the best recommendations on what to see, do and obviously eat.

Two Of Us Photography


Winter Activities

Our first day we headed out for a ski lesson. Thankfully it was a Thursday and it was basically a private lesson, just the two of us. I’ve only snowboarded in the past and I’m by no means any good. I actually took a 6 year old out getting off the ski lift in Park City last winter. However, I can cautiously get down a mountain but I could use some practice.  Skiing was something I’ve been wanting to try and see if it would be easier to pick up as a previous figure skater. The lesson was great, but afterwards when we went on our own, I found myself halfway down a tiny green, on my ass, ski boot not clipping in and slightly panicking. I wanted my damn board back. We did go snowshoeing one afternoon, but think I can confidently say I don’t ever need to do that again.

*Ski lessons and snowshoeing we booked directly through Stowe Mountain Resort.

Eating & Exploring

We spent the rest of the weekend doing more relaxing things like eating, visiting breweries, shopping around town and just relaxing. There were numerous amazing  meals, countless delicious beers and hours of just hanging out by a fire and doing absolutely nothing.



Since you fly into this city, might as well explore it on your way out. We parked right off Church street and walked around a bit stopping into shops and grabbing a maple latte before heading to Farmhouse for lunch. You can easily spend a couple hours here exploring and heading to the waterfront. Parking is available all around as well.


Home to Ben & Jerry’s, Cold Hallow Cider Mill and the Cabot store, this is also on the way to and from Stowe. You can easily spend a few hours visiting these spots so go hungry! And yes, they are all worth a visit. The Cider Mill was a favorite.  We ended up coming home with several blocks of cheeses, maple syrup aged in bourbon barrels and tons of apple jellies and candies.


Getting Around – Rent a car! There really wasn’t Uber available every time we checked, so the best thing to do in Stowe Vermont is to rent a car. We’re super glad we got a mini SUV and it ended up being much cheaper than having to pay for a taxi. Just to get to and from the airport was $85 each way. I think our car rental was about $175 and we drove a LOT. Plus, make sure you get one with AWD.

Dress Appropriately – This may seem like a no brainer, but truly make sure you pack for the weather. I am so glad I invested in some good winter boots (these) an brought lots of layers. I ended up buying an extra pair of gloves because my snow gloves just weren’t warm enough and needed an extra layer.  Whatever you think you need, just bring more! Also bring your charger. The cold weather drained our batteries quickly and found ourselves constantly having to charge our phones.

 Photos by Sarah Porter of Two of Us Photography

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  1. 1.31.18
    Laura Leigh said:

    Everything looks so incredibly beautiful! I was there a child, like carrying an american girl doll age, so i don’t remember too much but would love to go back!

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 2.8.18

    I HATE being cold but… This place looks fun and i Love all your tips!

    Allie @ Peachfully Chic

    • 2.8.18
      Jessica said:

      Thanks Allie! It was totally worth the cold!