A Day Trip To Athens Georgia

Kickin up our feet as every roadtrip requires a little break to check social media and grab a snack.

A couple of weeks ago, Cathy and I headed up to Athens for the day to explore. We’ve both been in the past, but I went as a college student whose main goal was to party, and Cathy twice for work. So Athens to us, is still a new city we haven’t really explored. With it just being a little over an hour from Atlanta, it’s an easy day trip to make to explore all the fun things it has to offer. We initially planned to do an overnight stay and REALLY get to explore, but someone named Irma really put a cramp in that plan. Don’t worry, we fell so hard for the city, that we already have plans to go back for more than just a few hours to get to see it all in its Bulldog glory (and hang with some of our local Athens blogger friends).

For this mini road trip we teamed up with Toyota to test out their new RAV4 for a smooth ride. Fun fact, my parents wanted me to get this car in high school as my first car. It’s got amazing safety ratings, nice price point and she’s pretty cute, right? Cathy and Adam had one of these for years (which I got to drive a few times) and have been big fans. There’s been so many new features added like rear view camera (hello! How do I not have this?!) and heated power front seats.

Currently I’m a sedan driver and anytime I get in a bigger car like an SUV I always say I want one. It feels so great to be high up and overlook the whole road. Not to mention, the seats were SO comfy. I didn’t get much sleep the night before, so I was tempted to nap while Cathy drove us home. Unfortunately, I drove while she ate boiled peanuts from a gas station. Okay, I had a few too.

We popped our first stop on the road trip, The Grit, into the Toyota Rav4 GPS and we hit the road! Off to Athens for the day to explore.


First things first guys, breakfast! As soon as we arrived in Athens, we headed to The Grit for breakfast. It’s a vegetarian spot but still had loads of options. I went with the french toast, Cathy the granola with milk. I can’t remember the last time I ordered french toast, but it was so good! I recommend the half order, the whole one was HUGE.  It was so nice out this morning, like a perfect crisp fall day. We sat outside and watched the dogs walk by and took in the perfect weather.


After breakfast we rode around the city a bit with the windows down and blasting some good tunes. And yes, I’m all about that new TSwift. But just the second single, I’m still not sold on “Look What You Made Me Do”.  It was such a pretty day! We drove past all the giant sorority and fraternity houses. It was so crazy because for me, I went to Georgia State, we didn’t really have that.  It was super neat to see how the UGA kids live.  We drove through Five Points and then headed for a little pick me up at Independent Bakery. We grabbed a coffee and a giant chocolate chip cookie. It was delicious of course. Also be sure to pop across the street to Condor Chocolate. A local chocolate company that apparently makes the best hot chocolate around.


Next up was heading to downtown Athens. This is where a lot of good stuff is you guys. From cute little shops like Red Dress Boutique and Fab’rik, to Georgia Theatre and more great restaurants. Georgia Theatre also has a rooftop restaurant and bar that overlooks the area. Stunning views! This building has been just about everything, from a music store, hotel to now a restored music venue after a devastating fire in 2009. I’ve known many friends to make the drive up to Athens just to see a show at this venue. They always have tons of great artists coming in and if you ever get a chance to see one of your favorites there, go!

After one last shot of the pretty Georgia Theatre sign and wrapping up a late lunch, we headed back to Atlanta. On the way back we grabbed some boiled peanuts to snack on for the hour drive. It’s one of Cathy’s go to road trip snacks and thankfully she’s down to share with me. Since the trip was cut so short, we started to plan out what we want to do on our next visit to The Classic City. And it of course involved more eating and shopping!

Photos by Vivi Carrasco

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  1. 9.26.17

    Can’t wait for our next road trip!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  2. 9.26.17
    A said:

    Independent Baking Company is a true Athens favorite! Best French style bakery in the area, hands down. Try Mama’s Boy or The Pine for a quality breakfast/brunch the next time you’re in town, maybe The National or Last Resort for lunch, and South Kitchen, Five and Ten, or Trappeze for dinner and Cocktails, Seabear Oyster Bar is great for the obvious, oysters–an unexpected, yet surprising treat for Athens. and the best shopping is definitely at Cheeky Peach! Love Athens–glad you guys enjoyed your first visit and are planning to return!

  3. 9.26.17
    Shelby Back said:

    the grit makes my favorite hummus & falafels of all time! I can’t have falafels anywhere else because they never live up to theirs! So jealous y’all ate there!


  4. 9.26.17
    Rachel said:

    What a fun trip! The new Rav4 is SO STINKIN CUTE!

    Rachel / http://www.helloher.co

  5. 11.28.17
    michelle said:

    I can give you a lot of tips on where to go next time. way more to athens than shopping. i would have lunch at the last resort…it is the place to go. also, free museums? hello. there is the georgia museum of art and the lyndon house. go for a walk at the state botanical gardens, or go down to the greenway and see the rem trestle. not to mention, everyone should see uga old campus. for cocktails, go the the manhattan, the best dive bar in town. so much to do here!

    • 11.28.17
      Jessica said:

      Thanks for the tips! We definitely need to go back and spend a full weekend there.