These Clean Beauty Favorites Are 15% Off

Clean sunscreen from Beautycounter
Clean Beauty Favorites Beautycounter

I’ve been using Beautycounter now for a few years. Mostly the lipsticks until this past year. I slowly added a few things to my beauty and makeup drawers like this moisturizer when I don’t need SPF at night and this cleanser. I’ve tested their foundations and love this one, don’t like this one since I’m oily but it DOES have SPF in it. And when it comes to a great anti-aging product, you know how I feel about the Overnight Resurfacing Peel.

So when Beautycounter does a big Friends + Family Sale, I have to share. I’m not someone who’s going to tell you to toss your entire beauty cabinet for clean beauty. Hell no. But I truly love several of their products. And regardless of how you feel about an MLM or the clean beauty trend, these products are truly great and are effective. They work and I’m obsessed. It takes a lot for me to be obsessed with a beauty or skincare product too. I’m pretty minimal and am a die-hard Cosmedix fan. Here’s what I’m loving that’s now 15% off until the 12th.

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PS if you’re thinking of buying anything from the sale, I can not recommend enough signing up with Band Of Beauty. It’s a membership program (NOT the consultant part of it) for $29 a year. You get great perks like 10% back in product credit. And yes even on your 15% off sale items! Free shipping on all orders over $100. Plus, if you spend more than $50 on your first BOB order, you get the body moisturizer which I love, for FREE. It pays for itself on your first order. And just to give you some insight here, I’m a consultant and I don’t even get free shipping. Just head to this page to add Band of Beauty to your cart and then start shopping!

The Beautycounter Products I’m Shopping At The Friends And Family Sale

Color Intense Lipstick

Hands down my favorite product from Beautycounter. I get so many compliments on these lipsticks when I wear them. The color intense ones are rich and saturated in color. I wear Girls’ Night and Garden Party the most. A great red and a pink. Plus, Brunch is a perfect nude that’s more matte.

Was $34, now $28.90
The best lipstick around, 15% off at Beautycounter

Tint Skin Foundation

I first tried the Dew Skin because it had SPF in it. But I ended up hating it, way too dewy for my oily skin. The Tint Skin has instead, been my go to summer foundation. I wear it in almost every photo you see of me. It’s not too heavy, decent coverage and feels great. To find your right shade click here!

Was $42, now $35.70
Clean Beauty Favorites Beautycounter

Non-Toxic Sunscreen

This is something I do truly feel passionate about. But also struggle with the white residue Zinc leaves behind. I think if you’re heading into the ocean, wear non-toxic sunscreen. Why are we putting more pollutants in the habitat of sea life? Also, anytime you’re dealing with babies and kids I think its best to be non-toxic as much as possible. They do have the new tinted sunscreen which I haven’t personally used, but have heard RAVE reviews. No white residue!

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Clean Beauty Favorites Beautycounter

Overnight Resurfacing Peel

I think if you ask anyone who uses Beautycounter what their favorite product is, it’s this. For one big reason. It works. This is a product you see results from quickly. Your skin is brighter, tighter and more glowy after just a few uses. I love it so much I did an entire post on it that you can read here.

Was $63, now $53.55
resurfacing beautycounter favorite

Countercontrol Cleanser

I mostly use Cosmedix for skincare, but have added a handful of Beautycounter’s skincare products to my routine. This Countercontrol cleanser is great for my oily skin. The jojoba beads in it also help to exfoliate without being too harsh which is ideal for using daily.

Was $26, now $22.10
Clean Beauty Favorites Beautycounter cleanser

Hydrating Body Lotion

This was one of the first products I purchased and have rebought it several times ever since. The Citrus Mimosa scent is heavenly. And it’s truly luxurious. This is also the freebie product you get when you sign up for Band Of Beauty ($29/year and this is a $25 value!).

Was $25, now $21.25
Clean Beauty Favorites Beautycounter

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