The Best $100 You’ll Spend On Your Business

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As a solopreneur in the creative industry, you kind of have to get, well, creative in how you invest and learn to help grow your business. A lot of what we do is new and ever-changing. I’m a firm believer in learning from your peers. It’s why we started The Blog Societies. But I’m not an expert in everything. I have so much to learn still. And what I was working on last year might be totally different than what I’m working on growing right now.

This is why I’m a big advocate for investing in your creative business when you can. And one of the easiest and most affordable ways to do that is by taking courses! There are experts all over this industry from growing your email list to generating more affiliate revenue, to tackling the social platforms. We learn best from others who found their niche or specialty and have been gracious enough to take the time to put it all into a course!

That’s why I’m SO excited to share the relaunch of The Business Bundle!

You may remember me talking about this insane deal a few weeks ago. If you missed this limited-time sale, you’re in luck! It’s not only back for a limited time, but there’s an ADDITIONAL 24 COURSES. YES, you read that right. And if you already purchased this bundle, you already have access to the new courses.

Oh, and did I mention there are also 3 memberships on top of the 96 courses? The Styled Stock Photography membership for 6 months is great for new businesses or influencers who need beautiful images. Plus, this membership also has a library of Canva Templates. From IG Stories to Pinterest templates and even beautiful freebies perfect for a newsletter opt-in. There’s also a 1-year Create & Cultivate membership where you can access their library of resources!

This Business Bundle is valued at over $22,000 if you were to purchase each course outright. You can get it today for only $100. Snag it HERE!

This sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not. The people who put their courses into this bundle are scoring BIG by having you buy the bundle and taking their course. It’s not a gimmick, I promise. It’s just a damn good deal and for a limited time only. And I wouldn’t support it if I didn’t personally believe in it. I’ve even finished a handful of courses already!

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The Courses I’m Taking From The Business Bundle

There’s a ton of courses in The Business Bundle, 96 to be exact. Not all of them may interest you, but that’s the thing. Even if there are 5 you might like, it’s worth it. But I can guarantee you there’s more than 5 you’ll find that align with you business or life right now. Here are a few that I’ve either already taken, or plan to take!

Organic Engagement Pro by Your Social Team

This Instagram course teaches you all about increasing your engagement on Instagram. It’s a fantastic course that I took a few weeks ago and loved. You learn all about Superposts™ that will change the game when it comes to boosting your engagement. This course alone is $297. Even if you just sign up to take this ONE course, you’ll have saved $197. Buy The Bundle →

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

Okay, I looked at this title and thought, I’ve been blogging for 9 years, I know everything I need to know about affiliate income for my blog. Wrong. There were things I didn’t think about when I write my blog posts. From how and where I use my affiliate links. To also the types of posts I write. I was pleasantly surprised by this quick course! This course is $197 by itself. Buy The Bundle →

E-Book Empire by House Of Brazen

I plan on taking this course next. I’ve been wanting to do an e-book for either My Style Vita or The Blog Societies. In addition to this course, there are a handful of sales and lead magnet generation courses that can help you SELL your E-Book too. Buy The Bundle →

Who Is The Business Bundle For?

The reason why I’m personally promoting this insane deal is that it’s for people just like me and lots of my readers. Honestly, there are even courses on nailing an interview and negotiating for a bigger salary. So basically, if you have or want a job, you need this bundle! But more seriously, if you’re a creative, someone with a hobby or someone who works in marketing and wants to learn more, this bundle is for you.

There are topics from Instagram, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, productivity, getting out of debt, hiring, selling, getting leads, content creation, copy, stock photography membership and so much more. You can browse all 96 courses to see what the options are. I guarantee you can find at least a dozen that may interest you.

How Does The Business Bundle Work?

The most common question I got about this Business Bundle when I talked about it a few weeks ago was how you access all these courses?! It’s easy. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1

Purchase the bundle. Duh. Buy the bundle HERE for only $100. It’s only available until Saturday July 11th and then it is gone FOREVER.

Step 2

You’ll receive a unique coupon code that works for EVERY SINGLE COURSE. Save this email. In the email, you’ll receive a link to a landing page that includes a link to every single one of the 96 courses and the 3 memberships.

Step 3

Go to each course and membership and “buy” the course with your coupon code. Your unique code makes all of the courses free.

Step 4

Take your courses! You have lifetime access to the courses that you buy. And you have up to one year to “buy” your courses.

Jessica’s tip

I recommend just going through each one and buying them right away with your coupon code. This way you don’t forget and you’re ready to go. Create a folder in your email with all the emails/links to the courses that you get. You never know when you might want to take that Etsy shop course, or the how to create a live event or tips to launching your YouTube channel. Your business might change in a year or two and these courses will still be accessible to you if you take the time to do this from the start.

It’s that simple. I can’t recommend this bundle enough. And I’m just so excited it’s not only back for a limited time, but that there are MORE courses! But hurry, this deal ends Saturday, July 11th at midnight. Once it’s over, it’s gone for good. You’ll never see these courses together again for only $100.

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Jessica is an Atlanta life and style blogger. Aiming to bring practical tips to your every day life. Tips that you can easily tackle and make your life feel just a tad more 'put-together'.

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  1. 7.6.20
    Lisa Autumn said:

    Oh so exciting girl!

    Lisa |

  2. 7.6.20
    Lizzie said:

    Wow this is amazing! Such a great deal too! I’m going to look into this. I always love learning new things 🙂 Thank you for offering this!! <3


  3. 7.6.20
    Rach said:

    Oh wow, you get a lot for $100! I’ll have to check out this business bundle!

  4. 7.6.20
    Rachel said:

    I purchase the business bundle when it came out a few weeks ago and am esthetic about the additional courses! I am looking forward to taking the organic engagement course!


  5. 7.6.20
    Stephanie said:

    Well, you haven’t steered me wrong yet. Because of your blog, I signed up for Flodesk (using your code, of course) and I LOVE how it’s helped me completely revamp my newsletter game. Now I want to invest in this bundle. I’m saving this article so I can look over my budget and see if there’s some wiggle room for me to purchase. Gotta invest in my business! Thanks for sharing!

    • 7.6.20
      Jessica said:

      Oh I’m so happy to hear this! Flodesk is the best. Hope you give the bundle a look, it’s such a great deal! I mean $100 for nearly 100 courses!

  6. 7.6.20
    Greta said:

    This sounds like a phenomenal way to grow your business! I love that you can access Create & Cultivates library as well as the Your Social Team course!

  7. 7.6.20

    So much awesome info in this post!! Going to check this out now!

  8. 7.7.20
    Anna English said:

    I like the idea of having a variety of stocked photos at my fingertips!

  9. 7.8.20

    Glad I clicked your link today to see this offering. I stink because I have 3 other programs that I have purchased and have yet to start, but I think I may need to add a fourth…

    • 7.8.20
      Jessica said:

      Haha! I mean there’s 96 courses, it’s a no brainer! Hope you pick it up before it expires!