The Best Summer Shorts To Shop

summer shorts and button down shirt
yellow button down linen shirt for summer
Jessica Camerata wears a Madewell button down and Madewell shorts with Converse
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yellow summer shirt with denim shorts
Denim shorts with a button down linen shirt
Jessica is holding an iced coffee, red nail polish and gold jewelry
My Style Vita sitting with iced coffee

Every spring and summer I end up grabbing a few new pairs of shorts. I’m a denim hoarder as you all know. So denim shorts are always top of mind. As I’ve not only gotten a little older (hello 32) but also styles have changed, I’ve been on the hunt for LOTS of new shorts it seems. Since I also recently lost a few lbs (nothing crazy but enough to toss a handful of old shorts) I was REALLY in need of some newness.

Typically shorts are a hard thing for me to find that work. I’ve got a booty and thighs and have always found it hard to fit my waist because of that. Shorts would be tight in the butt and thigh, and then gape in the back at my waist. I found some great shorts over the years mostly from BLANKNYC, J. Crew and the occassional Madewel non-denim shorts. Not sure if the weight loss had something to do with it, but Madewell denim shorts now fit me great.

When it comes to denim, even in shorts, I like to always look at the label to see what it’s made of. I like my jean shorts to have quite a bit of stretch usually (3-6%). But if you like the 100% cotton shorts, go for it! There’s a pair included below that are 100% cotton that I actually love. They just take a little time to break in and should be a little snug at first since they will get broken in. Since they lack any stretch, they won’t “bounce back”. You can always read more about denim in my denim series here.

The Best Summer Shorts

Denim Shorts

Madewell High Rise Denim Shorts

These are fantastic because they’re a slightly higher rise at 10 1/2″ but are also short-ish in the inseam at 4″. These are probably the shortest on the list but aren’t butt cheek hanging out short. With only 1% stretch, these are just like your favorite Madewell jeans for the most part!

$69.50 Denim Shorts

The Denim Chase Shorts

As seen in today’s outfit, these 70’s inspired shorts with a patch pocket are SO darn soft. They’re much stretchier than the other two with 6% stretch making them super comfy. Again, the higher rise and longer inseam make them so flattering. Goodbye booty shorts!

$49.50 Denim Shorts

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Cotton Twill Shorts

Everlane Cotton Twill Shorts

Cotton twill shorts are a great substitute to denim shorts. They’re super comfy (hello, they’re cotton!) and usually come in tons of colors. I love these Everlane ones I’ve had for a few years. This is their newer version.

$48 Everlane Shorts

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Linen Shorts

Caslon Linen Shorts

Linen shorts are a must have in my opinion. They’re the perfect short that feel cool and light. Linen is a breathable fabric that’s ideal for summer. Plus, they also usually come in tons of colors as well.

Caslon Linen Shorts $49

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Photos by Hannah Michelle

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  1. 5.13.19

    Love a good pair of long-ish denim shorts!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

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    Rachel said:

    I love a good pair of denim shorts! Loving the length of this pair.


  3. 5.14.19
    Lisa Autumn said:

    Oh these look so cute!

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