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Remember the days of big chunky statement necklaces, and bold colorful baubles? I was never really into that sort of trend and always found myself gravitating towards simple dainty pieces and usually always in gold. There’s a few pieces from my childhood that my parents got me from trips to Italy, to my gold cursive necklace that I’ve had since I was born. And yes, it’s about as New York 1980s as you can imagine, and I love it. Nowadays you can always catch me wearing a few gold dainty pieces like my “P” necklace layered up or just wearing one simple piece at a time.

Over the years I’ve found pieces I love from new to me brands. From trying to track down the perfect “P” necklace for my love of my dog Pork, to my Instagram handle that I’ve been wearing for nearly 5 years straight. Here are some of my favorite pieces and brands I’m wearing and loving.

The Best Affordable Gold Jewelry

1. AUrate New York

I recently discovered this brand and am loving their dainty jewelry. I had been on a hunt for a “P” necklace that was real gold and dainty enough to layer. Originally I was trying to replace a nameplate “P” that was destroyed (it was $30) and instead opted for this diamond single letter. There’s so many pretty necklaces, bracelets and more on their shop. I kind of want them all!

$450 Diamond Initial Necklace

2. Mejuri Thumb Ring & Zodiac Necklace

I surprised myself when I found this brand through an Instagram ad and ended up buying not one but two things from their site. You may see me wearing this round gold necklace all the time and it’s my zodiac, Aquarius. I also wear this gold ring every single day. I’m also eyeing their other rings and want them all! I’m definitely buying this one next.

$80 Zodiac Necklace

3. Madewell

No surprise here! I love all things Madewell and that also means their jewelry. I typically wear a lot of their earrings. They’re affordable, great quality and super pretty. I’ve been living in their classic gold hoops (both sizes!) lately.

Shop All Madewell

4. Taudrey Jewelry Nameplate Necklace

This is the nameplate I’ve been wearing for years. We received these with our Instagram handles on it years ago at the 2nd Annual Blog Societies Conference (previously Southern Blog Society, boy how time flies!).

Shop More Nameplates

5. Pierced Jewelry

I get quite a few questions about a few of my piercings (you can check them all out in this post) from time to time. Specifically my conch piercing. Many people just have a cuff which I may actually suggest doing. It’s an insanely painful piercing to not only pierce but also heal. As in, it took over 9 months and was not pretty or comfortable. A few years ago I switched out all my ear piercings from that high school sterling silver crap we all had and swapped them out for gold. They look so much better and match the rest of my jewelry. I also think they’re a little more elevated and feel more grown up. 

Lately, I’ve been tempted to re-pierce my nose with a thin gold hoop. So many of my friends have it and I have never missed my nose ring more than I have lately! I get all my jewelry for these things at Virtue and Vice in Atlanta. I recommend heading to a professional piercer and see what they have to offer in gold. For piercings, I have my tragus, forward helix, rook and conch pierced. This is a fun ear-piercing map to reference!

$35 Cuff Hoop

6. Gold Bracelets

The question I get asked the MOST about when it comes to jewelry is usually where are those gold bracelets from. I wear two gold bracelets every single day. One is from my Dad that I basically took from him and had it sized for me. It’s a classic Italian style chain link bracelet. The other is a more dainty gold link bracelet that my Dad bought me while in Italy. Both classics that you find EVERYWHERE in Italy. They mean so much to me because they were not only from my Dad, but speak to my Italian background as well. 

Italian Link Bracelet

Featured image by Hannah Michelle

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  1. 6.28.18
    Laura Leigh said:

    That little P is so sweet! Also, agree what Madewell is a great spot for dainty gold jewelry.

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 7.10.18

    A decent yet so beautiful piece of jewelry. Thanks for sharing it with us. It is amazing.

  3. 4.28.19
    Lisa Autumn said:

    Oh I love all of them!

    x Lisa |

  4. 4.29.19
    Morgan said:

    I’m so obsessed with Madewell clothing but have never bought their jewelry .. where have I been?! Think I’m going to order those dangling starburst earrings!

    How 2 Wear It []

    • 4.29.19
      Jessica said:

      They’re so great and affordable. And all the pieces I have are in great condition. No tarnishing!

  5. 11.20.19

    Wow! Amazing collection and affordable to everyone I guess.
    Most of all what is like is it’s trendy and will never fade away.

  6. 8.19.20
    Jan B said:

    Hello! I love your style towards the more dainty look. I too wear two gold bracelets always and my dad’s gift to me was a necklace that is always on. Thank you for sharing some of your favs!