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Grapefruit Lime Fizz

There are some things I think everyone should have in their liquor cabinet for easy cocktails. Sure you should have an array of liquors from vodka, tequila, gin, rum and bourbon, but also a few additional things. Bitters

Witches Brew Cocktail For Halloween

Halloween is hands down my least favorite holiday. I know, I said it. Some people absolutely love it and enjoy

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Strawberry Margaritas

People don’t usually believe me when I tell them that I love tequila and that we are best of friends. You see, I’ve never had one of those terrible god awful hangovers from it, and I don’t get mean on…

Jose Cuervo Skinny Margarita

  I thought about making a fancy flavored margarita today, but then I remembered that Jose Cuervo was the MAN. You guys, he invented the margarita (you can learn more by watching the video below or here). So today is…

Cinco De Mayo Cocktails

One of my all time favorite “pointless” holidays is Cinco de Mayo.  Clearly because it’s a holiday that’s 100% focused on tequila. My best friend.  In honor of the holiday, I’m sharing my three favorite flavored margaritas from the blog…

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