15 Sweater Looks For Fall

Sweater Looks For Fall
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It’s official. The sweaters are out in full force. And I declare that I’m only rocking my boots from now until spring. When it comes to sweaters though I’m actually quite picky. Since I’m such a cotton tee kind of person, wearing a heavy knit feels so off to me. I also have a bit of a bustier chest, so I tend to feel even bigger when I wear a thick sweater or one that isn’t shapely. Lastly, I find lots of knits to be quite itchy (no thank you wool or alpaca, and cashmere is a rare find for me). So when I find a sweater I love, I usually buy it in several colors and wear it to death.

Between all my high maintenance issues with sweaters, I have actually found some favorite brands to shop from. And I’ve also discovered various styles that I know I can feel good in. I wanted to share some of my favorite sweater looks for fall. Plus ones that I WISH I could wear but because I’m a complicated sweater person I can’t wear. But man, I wish I could pull all 15 of these off. I’m sharing some inspiration from my favorite bloggers too. Check out the sweater styles for fall below.

15 Sweater Looks For Fall

Since sweaters are all we’ll be wearing come winter, now’s the time to grab some new favorites. Pair any of these with your favorite jeans (wide or skinny, doesn’t matter!) or even your favorite skirts. You can layer a sweater over a dress and treat it like a skirt. And don’t forget to add your favorite fall boots. If you’re like me and find sweaters to be a bit itchy, I like to add a thin long sleeve underneath them (I like these) it also adds an extra layer of warmth once we’re in the middle of winter.

15 Sweater Looks For Fall

Image via Love Cloth

Turtleneck Sweaters

As a kid, I hated turtleneck sweaters. Shocker, I hated the tight feeling around my neck which was almost always in an itchy fabric. I love them on everyone else, which is why I’m sharing this pretty baby blue one from Love Cloth.

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striped Sweater Looks For Fall

Striped Sweaters

My go to sweater style because I’m a sucker for a good stripe. Whether you go bold with your stripes, or thin, they are always a good choice.

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Bold Statement Sweaters

Whether you go with a fun print, a phrase or something else, a bold statement sweater is always fun to have on hand. It can instantly make your outfit feel special!

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v neck Sweater Looks For Fall

V Neck Sweaters

Since I have a bit of bigger chest, I like a v-neck sweater since it elongates my neck and makes me feel less stuffy up top. V-necks are great too for layering with a button-down too.

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Off The Shoulder Sweaters

Personally, I can not pull these off but man I wish I could. I think they’re so pretty!

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Neutral Sweaters

Every closet should have a few great neutral sweaters. They’re great for the office, for every day, whatever. If you want to edge it up a bit, just add a leather jacket and your favorite skinny jeans. I personally love cream or grey sweaters for fall and winter as my neutral

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oversized Sweater Looks For Fall

Oversized Sweaters

Sometimes you just want a giant oversized sweater to curl up in and that is fine by me! I like to balance the blousy top out with skinny jeans on the bottom. It’s an easy trick to look less messy and more put together too.

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Black Sweaters

Can’t have a sweater collection without a go to black sweater. Another solid choice for the office too and just a great essential to have on hand. Easily dress it up for a night out, or pair with faux leather leggings.

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Cropped Sweaters

A cropped sweater is a fun trendy piece you can wear with all your favorite high waisted jeans or skirts. These also work perfectly to throw over dresses as an extra layer and added texture. They usually aren’t super cropped that your stomach hangs out, but they’re just shorter and boxier which is a fun change of pace.

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Cable Knit Sweaters

A classic and preppy piece, a cable knit sweater feels very official in the sweater world.

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crew neck Sweater Looks For Fall

Image via Gal Meets Glam

Crew Neck Sweater

I love a good simple crew neck sweater. It allows room to add a thin turtleneck underneath, or a pretty bandana around your neck. They work with so many things!

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Belted Sweaters

A belted sweater can easily help to cinch in your waist if you’re concerned about sweaters making you look or feel too boxy. I love that they accentuate your waist and are beyond flattering!

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Fair Isle Sweaters

Such a classic print for a sweater. This print always reminds of the holidays. This traditional knitting technique creates patterns with various colors. It’s such a traditional look and never really goes out of style!

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Image via Color by K

Printed Sweaters

Sweaters don’t have to be striped, solid or cable knit. There’s lots of options out there like leopard prints, geometric, abstract and everything in between. Go wild and find something fun!

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Balloon Sleeve Sweaters

I’ll be honest, I don’t love this trend on me. I think people can pull it off and the style is everywhere, so it warrants being on the list. I think you have to always keep proportions in mind with this style.

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  1. 10.23.19
    Dana Mannarino said:

    I’m SUCH a sweater girl. Now that I work for Free People, it’s inevitable that I wear our sweaters EVERY single day to the office. They’re THE best.

    Dana | The Champagne Edit 

    • 10.23.19
      Jessica said:

      I love a good free people sweater!

  2. 10.24.19
    Laura Leigh said:

    Okay honestly I just want all of these sweaters! I am all about all of the sweaters come fall. They’re all I want to wear and all of these are so cute!

    xo Laura Leigh