8 Tiny Self Care Things To Try This Weekend

My Style Vita is sharing 8 Tiny Self Care Things To Try This Weekend

I feel like the term “self-care” has been used a LOT lately.  The second you want to get your nails done, you’re having a self-care care day. I’m all for it. There’s nothing better than doing a few simple things that make yourself feel better. I think self-care can be small or big, some are even free, or cost little money to accomplish. These small things can help to boost your mood, boost your confidence and even help release some stress. Here are a fewo f my favorite quick and easy self care tips and tricks to try when I’m in need of a pick me up.

8 Self Care Ideas To Try For A Mental Boost

Grab A Coffee & A Treat

There’s something about sitting at a cute coffee shop, enjoying a delicious treat that makes me find a little peace. Whether you enjoy being alone, or prefer a friend, set up a time to find a new coffee shop or bakery in town to check out. It’s nice to try something new, and who doesn’t love a quick sweet treat? If oyu’re looking for a spot in Atlanta to try, you can check out this list in my Atlanta Guide.

Get A Manicure

I RARELY go to the nail salon because I’m all about the at home mani. But sometimes a fresh fun manicure maybe even with some cool nail art is a great way to spend $20. It’ll make you feel better and more put together.

Take A Yoga Class

Or really any workout class. The instant endorphin boost you get after a workout is always worth it. You will NEVER regret taking a workout class and personally, I love a good yoga one. It’s a great way to relax and connect with your mind.

Soak In A Bubble Bath

Draw a hot bath and taking a little time for yourself will guarantee relaxation. Bring a book for a little added boost! Oh or a glass of wine, either works.

Take A Walk

Or just get outside really. Sometimes fresh air and a good walk can make you feel better.  I always feel refreshed from the exercise aspect of it but also just being active feels great. Whenever I’m starting to get overwhelmed with work and emails, or just need a mental break from writing, I grab Pork and head outside for a quick walk around the block. She may not even need to go out, but it does wonders for my mood and attitude!

Have A Dance Party

You know there’s though songs that just get you excited to get up and dance a little. Well, put it on and dance! Even just a good throwback playlist than you can sing along to will get your mood feeling better. Last week for me it was a little Spice Girls. Singing along to old classics always makes you feel great.

Call A Friend

We tend to avoid the phones these days, but honestly, a good long conversation with a friend can help boost your mood and help with self-care. Pick up the phone and give a close friend a call. You’ll not only feel better, but they will too!

Do A Little Shopping

Some people may not recommend retail therapy, but I am HERE FOR IT. Online shopping is one thing, but walking around a store and picking something out and actually taking it home in a nice bag feels so much better than opening a UPS box. I like to visit local boutiques, or shops that have great little pieces to browse and shop. No need to try on clothing, just a fun trinket or a new candle will do the trick. Although shoes, shoes always make me feel great!

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  1. 3.21.19
    Laura Leigh said:

    Think I’m going to go with the get a manicure! I like you, never actually go to get one unless its a super special occasion so that’ll be a nice treat!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese