5 Reasons Why You Should Start Making Your Bed

Out of my entire family, I’m the messy one. But there’s a few tidy things I always have to do which makes me feel like I’m at least keeping up with the rest of the Camerata’s. One of those things is making my bed every single morning. After reading a few articles, I learned that I’m actually in the minority here. Majority of people don’t ever make their bed, at least not in full. Maybe pull back the comforter a bit and toss a pillow back on. But for me, the bed needs to be fully made, throw pillows and all, every single morning. It makes my room feel clean, is a small ritual that starts the day and forces me out of my room. I find that on days I don’t make my bed, like those hangover Sundays occasionally, I find myself just lounging in it all day long.

Making your bed is a great habit to get into that takes just seconds to do. Because let’s be honest, getting out of the bed is really the hardest part of this whole thing. Making it doesn’t need to be. Here’s 5 reasons why you should start this morning ritual tomorrow. Because well, unless you’re still in bed, just forget it.


1. Your House Feels Put Together

A made bed instantly makes you feel like your room is put together. Having all your pillows and blankets in order is a sure fire way to help make your whole house feel put together too. Finishing this small task every morning will ensure at least one room in your home is in order which helps to make you want to try to get the rest of your house that way.

2. It Starts Your Day Off On The Right Foot

Good habits are key for a productive day. And if you can start your day with a good, habitual routine like making your bed, you’ll be sure to follow through with more small wins throughout the day. It’s a great way to start your day with a little pride in getting a small, yet important, task done. This will set you up to want to complete more tasks throughout the day and before you know it, you’re basically a superstar.

3. Less Clutter Means Less Stress

Having your pillows all over the floor just adds clutter to your room and personal space. By tidying up, you’ll decrease clutter in your home which has been proven to help reduce stress. This also makes laying your head down at the end of the day that much better since you’ll probably fall asleep better with less stress on your mind, right? Exactly.

4. Get Better Sleep

We’re creatures of habit, so if you create a nightly routine of undoing your bed so you can crawl in, your body will soon recognize it’s time for sleep when you do that. Plus there’s just something so satisfying about getting into a perfectly made bed. So much more enjoyable than getting under disheveled covers. I also love this night time ritual for an even better night sleep.

5. Extend The Life Of Your Pillows

Keep those decorative pillows looking better by fluffing them daily and placing them properly back on your bed instead of a messy pile on the floor. Plus your things will just look nicer longer. Win, win.

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  1. 9.1.17
    Laura Leigh said:

    I am right there with you! I make our bed daily. Love the way it makes the room look and me feel! Great tips lady!

    xo Laura Leigh