6 Reasons To Take A Girls Trip

Reasons to take a girls trip, friends jumping on bed
Hotel Bella Grace
Hotel Bella Grace
Hotel Bella Grace, best Chareleston hotel in downtown - My Style Vita-4
Charleston hotels, Hotel Bella Grace, girls trip ideas, reasons to take a girls trip - My Style Vita
Hotel Bella Grace, best Charleston hotel in downtown - My Style Vita
Girls trip ideas, where to stay in Charleston, friends jumping on the bed - My Style Vita
Charleston hotels, Hotel Bella Grace, girls trip ideas, reasons to take a girls trip - My Style Vita
Reasons To Take A Girls Trip
Charleston hotels, Hotel Bella Grace, girls trip ideas, reasons to take a girls trip - My Style Vita

Every time there’s a girls trip on the calendar I get so excited. It’s always a good time and it’s nice to connect with friends, especially long distance ones, over good food, drinks and making new memories. Some of you may have kids, a husband or significant other and you’re thinking, why would I take a girls trip?! Well here’s the thing, I think getting away from your usual routine, the kids, the responsibilities and even your S.O., means for a happier life and stronger friendships. If you needed reasons to take a girls trip, today’s your day!

The latest trip I went on was to Charleston with the #BloggersDoTravel girls. We’re now on our 5th year of getting together for a few days and I can’t imagine my life without these trips. We stayed at Hotel Bella Grace this year, a new to me and to Charleston, hotel that is in the heart of downtown. It was a great location that allowed us to walk just about everywhere we wanted to go. From healthy lunches at Basic Kitchen, to a drinks at Vintage Lounge. You can also check out my full Charleston travel guide here covering ALL the best things to do, places to stay and more!

6 Reasons To Take A Girls Trip

A trip with the girls can be as glamorous, or low key as you like. Whether you’ve got a big budget to work with or are just getting away for a quick weekend, there’s always a good reason to grab your girls for a girls trip. Here’s why…

Reconnect With Friends

Getting to spend more than just dinner or lunch with your group of friends allows for a much deeper bond. You get to really form long lasting memories and friendships this way. After the first night, you’ll notice you’re letting loose up and opening up more to one another. Friendships take work as do all relationships and these types of trips allow to nourish those friendships and provide the foundation for stronger ties.

Stress Release

Let’s be honest, a weekend with the girls is usually a great stress release. When my friends and I get together like we recently did in Charleston at Hotel Bella Grace, we stayed up late at night gabbing away over wine. We had long dinners just chatting and relaxing. Plus, we usually always fit in a good workout or spa day. It’s a great way to destress and let loose.

Check Off Your Bucket List (or Travel List)

Why not do something fun and different and chip away at that bucket list? I’m all for exploring new places and sometimes getting a group together can spark interest in a new area you never thought of. Or, it may make a more expensive destination more affordable when you can split things more ways. Either way, I encourage you to try somewhere NEW to visit when you and your girls get together. It’s an added element of surprise and fun!

​​​​​​​PS Check out my city guides here to get some inspiration on where to head! A few fun ideas that aren’t too expensive and within the US are Charleston, Vermont, San Francisco, Boston, Asheville or Denver. All great places that are easy to get to and have a ton of fun things to do.

Get Inspired

Traveling period will get the creative juices flowing. I always come home inspired to write, to create but also just inspired for the everyday. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten home from a girls trip and have a new makeup trick or product I’m loving. Even just as simple as loving someone else’s outfit and discovering a new store or brand. When you spend that much time with a few gals, you’re destined to discover something new!

It’s A Vacation From Life

When you vacation with your family, your kids, or head off on work trips, there’s still not a full disconnect from everyday life. If you have your kids, you’re still dealing with their everyday routines. But when you vacation with your friends and you can really step away from reality, you can truly let loose. Sleep in, relax, indulge, all of the things. Nothing is off limits when you don’t have to worry about routines.

Gain Confidence

I think no matter when you travel, there’s always a sense of self, accomplishment and confidence that comes along with it. You’ve mastered a new city, you’ve gathered amazing memories and have more amazing things to chat about. I always feel great when I get back from a trip I think because of that. And doing it alongside friends makes all of it so much easier. Plus, getting together with GOOD friends who lift one another up always helps to build my confidence. But let me tell you something, if you’re going on trips with friends who are negative, bring you down and don’t allow you to feel uplifted, GET NEW FRIENDS. Coming home from trips always gives me a little life high and there’s nothing else that can replicate that feeling.

What To Pack For A Girls Trip

My suitcase looks MUCH different when I pack for a fun girls trip versus a solo trip, or even just a getaway with a friend. Something about 4 or 5 girls getting together totally changes my plan of attack for how I pack. Without a doubt though, my packing cubes ALWAYS are included. I swear by them now and I use these to stuff everything into my suitcase when I’m working my way down my travel packing list. You can shop them here.

A girls trip usually means two things if you ask me. On one end there’s late nights gabbing away in pjs and on the other, going out for champagne and maybe some dancing! When I go on smaller trips, the pjs usually are just a tee and the going outfits don’t ever exist.

PS one great perk of going on a girls trip is you can actually pack light. No need for 5 blowdryers, 5 curling irons and all the things. We usually delegate and make sure we have fewer things. Plus, borrowing a athing or two from one another makes it fun! We all went through Shelby’s earring collection and shared layers when the cold weather kicked in at night!

Fun Pajamas

I finally upgraded most of my pajamas and loungewear this past year and part of the reason was because of trips! We spend a lot of time hanging out at the hotel at night and sometimes you just want to switch out of your clothes and into something more comfortable but still appropriate. Bring fun pajamas that you can easily wear to the lobby bar and not get crazy stares!

An Outfit To Hit The Town In

No girls getaway is complete without at least one late night, right? Having a great outfit, or a few pieces to mix and match with, will allow you to create some fun looks for dinner and drinks. I always opt for a fun sparkly top or silky blouse. It works with a leather jacket or blazer that you can then wear during the day too. And for good measure, maybe a fun dress and a great pair of shoes.

Your Usual Travel Wardrobe

I always pack the same look to travel in typically. You can see a few posts on that here and here. Just comfortable clothes that can extend throughout the day so you don’t have to pack more. Having these ready to go makes for an easy arrival and departure!

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