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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Dates - how to shop the early access nsale

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Every year mid-summer, I get so excited for the big Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. As a longtime Nordstrom shopper, this was one of the epic yearly sales my Mom used to bring me to every summer to grab all the fall and winter school clothes we needed. The deals are insane and it is like NO other sale around. Since it’s coming up in one month, I thought I’d share a few of my tips from over the years! Plus, get my exclusive personal “catalog” when the sale launches by signing up below!

The 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Will Be On July 19 through August 4th, 2019

What makes the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale So special?

The amazing part about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is that it is a pre-season sale of all fall and winter items that are BRAND NEW. This means you can shop for BRAND NEW boots, coats, jeans, sweaters, and more all before the season begins at a discount. Typically items are 30-40% off. Nordstrom always has a great mix of ready to wear items for summer available as well as fall and winter essentials.

A few of my favorite brands to shop at the sale are Madewell, Topshop, BP, Nike, Adidas, Caslon, Hinge and J. Crew to name a few. Plus beauty exclusives from some of the top brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Clinique, MAC, Philosophy and more. Brands will provide Nordstrom with exclusive products that will usually only be available during the sale. Once the sale is over on August 4th, prices go back up! The next time you’ll see them on sale is during their end of season sale. Which is well past any time you’ll want to wear these items. Hence, making this sale SO epic!

How To Shop The #NSale Like A Total Pro

There is definitely a trick to getting the best of the best when it comes to this sale. A few tips to shop are below. I always like to start with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 catalog will arrive in your mailbox about two weeks before the pre-sale. It helps you get an idea of what will be available, pricing, styling ideas and lots of beauty deals. Be sure to circle your favorites and snag them the day of the sale. But remember, there are TONS of items that haven’t been published yet!

Get The Card & Shop Early!

There is a pre-sale that happens from July 11th through July 18th. This is open to cardholders ONLY. To get a Nordstrom card click here. I personally have a Nordstrom Visa and love it! Level 4 cardholders can shop July 11th in store, and everyone else with cards, shopping starts July 12th at 12:30pm EST. From now until July 10th though if you apply for a card you’ll get $60 in Nordstrom Notes if you spend the day you get your card. Plus, your card can be used at Nordstrom Rack & Trunk Club. Don’t forget you get 3 points per dollar spent at Nordstrom!

Click Here To Apply For A Card

Shop Online

The online options are now much better than those in the store since they can stock everything and there’s no promo code needed! I usually start by category and go through Women’s Clothing first. Also, filter your price point if you know you’re not going to spend more than $200 on anything. No one needs to see the $500 sale item if you’ll never buy it. There’s SO much to sort through, so make it easier for yourself. I then sometimes filter this by category. There’s just SO much product that it can be overwhelming. So breaking it down into categories like tops, dresses, coats, is much easier.

Next, I go to shoes, activewear and HOME. I never forget the home stuff because it is SO good. I picked up several great things over the last few years that you can check out here and here.

TIP: Items sell out FAST even during the pre-sale. Not everything will be restocked on July 19th, so the card is IMPORTANT. And it’s also ideal to shop EARLY. As in, yes I wake up at 5am to shop this sale because by 10am, the site is crashing, and no one is able to check out. It happens EVERY year. So you may think I’m crazy for waking up that early, but I am always thankful I do. I shop, I checkout, I go back to bed.

Plus, you can do store pickup or curbside pickup if your store carries the product you’re buying online. It’s a great service that makes shopping easy!

Shop In Store

Gone are the days of me and my Mom waiting outside Nordstrom at 7am to shop the sale. But you can still do this and it’s kind of nice to try things on. The store will be separated to have the sale items behind a curtain so you can easily shop JUST the sale. If you’re a cardholder, you can do this prior to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beginning July 19th to the general public. And if you’re a level 4 cardholder, you can shop Early Access in-store.

Important 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates

Mark your calendars so you don’t miss a thing!

July 11 – Level 4 Cardholders can shop Early Access in-store
July 12 – Early Access Begins for all Cardholder levels a 12:30pm EST
July 18 – Last Day of Early Access
July 19 – Anniversary Sale opens to the Public
August 4 – Last Day of the Anniversary Sale

My Favorite 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Posts To Shop

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