Why You Should Shop The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access

Today begins the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale online preview. This is new for Nordstrom and today you can browse all the products and begin saving items to your wishlist. Today I want to talk all about Nordstrom Anniversary Sale’s Early Access. This is an exclusive pre-sale for Nordstrom cardholders to shop the sale before anyone else. It’s a big deal because the product often sells out BEFORE it opens to the public. I know that sucks to hear, but it is what it is! So that’s why today’s post is an important one if you don’t want to miss these hot deals!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access is a pre-sale. You can shop in-store or online for these deals starting August 4th until August 18th. You get first dibs on the product which typically includes exclusive items made specifically for this sale. Stock up now for your fall and winter wardrobe and also on closet essentials! Nordstrom has done a good job too over the years of including items you can wear today.

How To Get Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access

To get early access you only need to have the Nordstrom credit card. You can easily apply HERE to get it. Nordstrom gives early access to cardholders to shop the epic Anniversary Sale before anyone else.

I personally love my Nordstrom Visa card. You get 3 points for every dollar spent in store including Nordstrom Rack, Trunk Club and Hautelook. And 1 to 2 points for every dollar spent elsewhere (depending on level and category). The more points you get, the more Nordstrom Notes you get! Which is free cash to spend at Nordstrom! Plus, each level of spending comes with more great benefits. Depending on your level, you could earn more Double Points days (I always recommend making your main Nordstrom Anniversary Sale day your double points day) to free basic alterations and early access to shopping and more!

Depending on your status, you’ll have different days where you can shop early. Below are the Early Access Nordstrom Anniversary Sale dates.

PLUS, right now you can get $60 in Nordstrom Notes the day you’re approved! Restrictions Apply*

Learn more about card benefits here!

Benefits of Shopping Early Access

The number one benefit to shopping early is getting the great stuff you want before it sells out. I recommend shopping first thing when the sale opens at 12:30 EST. It used to be 3:30 am and by 9am, so much was sold out or the site was crashing. I also really like shopping in store early since it’s all organized and confined to sections throughout the store. This way you know exactly what’s on sale. I also just prefer shopping in store, I’m old school that way!

When Does Nordstrom Early Access Start and End

The Nordstrom Early Access begins on August 4th in store for Icons Nordstrom cardholders ONLY. On August 13th, 2020, ALL Nordstrom cardholders no matter your level, will be able to shop online and in-store at 12:30 pm EST. To shop online, you’ll need to login to your account to verify that you have a Nordstrom card. If you’re an avid shopper, you probably already have this setup. But I recommend making your account so you don’t have to deal with it the day of. Then, you can also shop in-store. Just show your card to a sales associate to be able to go “behind the curtain” to shop.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Early Access ends on August 18th and opens to the public to shop on August 19th.

If you do not have a card, you can still browse online, but you won’t be able to checkout. I still recommend browsing so you can figure out what you want since there’s quite a bit of inventory to get through! It will make July 19th easier and faster so you can make sure you get what you want!

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Since the catalog just launched, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things I’m eyeing. The things I love to shop are truly the basics from this sale. Great shoes, boots, athletic wear, my go-to pajamas that I always stock up on. Perfectly priced sweaters and 9-5 basics as well as beauty buys. There’s a lot to sift through! Here’s what I’m eyeing.

Nordstrom Anniversary Catalog Wish List
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Athletic Wear

I always like to pick up new sneakers, workout socks and tanks at this sale. It’s something that rarely goes on sale and it’s nice to refresh my workout drawer. Plus, since my butt is FINALLY working out about 4-5 days a week, I’ve been going through workout clothes a lot faster now!

Sweaters + Fall Favorites + Layers

The main things to buy at the Nordstrom Anniversary Early Access sale are all things fall and winter. From sweaters to light layers, blazers and so on. Sweaters can be expensive and this is a great time to stock up on some basics that can be great for the office, to more trendy or casual ones for the weekend. There are quite a few great blazers and suede and leather jackets that are on sale. These are items I live in come fall and winter.

Coats & Jackets

Another essential for this sale to shop are coats and jackets. Sure you may not need them right this second, but come October and November when you’re ready to invest in a coat and everything is either sold out or expensive, you’ll be thanking me then! I almost always pick up a great coat from this sale. Whether you go trendy to add something interesting to your wardrobe for the season, or go more classic like a Patagonia or North Face, there’s a wide variety of options to shop here.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Nordstrom is just known for a great shoe department. And fun fact, I used to work in shoes there! Whether you’re picking up new work heels, or boots, now’s the time to snag them! There’s almost always a handful of great knee high or over the knee boots to scoop up at a great price. And this year is no different! Here’s what I’m eyeing.


Something I rarely shop is their beauty section. But this year there are actually quite a few products that I use on the regular that are part of the big sale. From this primer that I love, a setting powder I swear by, and the perfect lipstick combo, there are quite a few great beauty deals this year that I can 100% get behind.

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  1. 7.7.19
    Lisa Autumn said:

    I wish we had nordstrom here! They always have such cute pieces!

    • 7.7.19
      Jessica said:

      I grew up on this sale, it’s so good! But now with online, it’s the only way to shop.

  2. 7.31.20

    Looking forward to some new fall outerwear. Love the plaid blazer and the lash serum are at the top of my list.

    • 7.31.20
      Jessica said:

      The lash serum is a great buy, never goes on sale!

  3. 8.5.20
    Rachel said:

    I always find myself disappointed by the sale but for whatever reason, I’m psyched for it this year! I can’t wait to upgrade some basics and some loungewear!