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money saving tips for millenials, how you can save for retirement, best money saving apps - My Style Vita @mystylevitaOne of the things that I wanted to start in the new year were better money habits. I’m pretty good about my saving, and fairly responsible in my spending. But I’ll be honest, I spend when I most definitely don’t need to. There’s currently three packages on my dining room table of things I do not need. I fall weak to a sale deal that probably arrived in my inbox. Plus as someone who is self employed, planning for retirement is a very real and scary thing.  So as many of you all probably have “save more money” or “spend less money” on your New Years resolutions list I wanted to share some tips and apps that I use to keep me in check.



While saving money usually includes not going out to eat, it’s a habit I just can’t seem to break. Insert Seated which is a great app to make it at least less expensive. Make reservations during off hours at some of your favorite restaurants and after 24 hours you’ll receive anywhere from a $10-$25 reward to use at Amazon, Uber or Starbucks. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s true. I’ve used it at countless of my favorite restaurants, and honestly the “off hours” aren’t that off. Use this link or code jessica560 to get an extra $5 off your first meal.

Target Cartwheel

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE Target. I shop there at least once a week so using the Cartwheel app helps in savings. I go through my shopping list and then head to the app to see if anything is on sale. Sometimes you can find some great deals and all you do is check it off in the app and scan it at checkout.


It’s rare to find a bank that provides a large interest rate on savings, let alone anything on checking. Well, Ally is changing the industry! Get 1.25% on savings and up to 1% on checking. Yes, checking! It’s a great way to add a little extra income to your money that’s hanging out.


There’s a few apps similar to Acorns but the general concept is saving and investing your spare change. If you don’t save at all, this is a great way to get started.  This app rounds your transactions on your linked credit cards to the next dollar. It then takes the spare change and puts it into an investment portfolio.  This is a great way to get into savings without you really noticing it. You can also get a free $5 to start investing today with my unique link here.

In addition to rounding up your transactions, they also have retailers that offer incentives to increase your portfolio balance. Shop at Zappos or Macy’s? Booking an Airbnb? They’ll add either a flat fee or percent of your transaction to your Acorns account to invest.


Recommended by a friend, Wealthfront is a great app (and website) if you’ve got a savings account and you’re ready to start investing. I don’t know a ton about investing, so this app helps to take the guess work out of it all. You decide how much risk you want, what your goals and budget are and it handles it for you. I just opened my account this month and I’m very excited to finally be investing my SEP IRA instead of watching it do absolutely nothing. You can get $5,000 managed for free by signing up here.


Although WAVE does not help you save money, it helps to keep yourself organized and get the big picture. Which in my opinion is just as important as actually saving. I use WAVE for my business to keep track of everything from transactions to invoices. Depending on how much you want to view or control, it’s all here.  Since I run my own business and need to keep track of every single charge, this helps me cross check what I have recorded in my spreadsheet. I review every transaction (you link your cards) and check it off! It’s helped me find missed expenses and also provides reminders for invoices.

There’s also an app for your phone so you can record receipts on the go. This makes it great while traveling.

money saving tips for millenials, how you can save for retirement, best money saving apps - My Style Vita @mystylevita


Automate It

If you never had it, you’ll never miss it! Decide on a percent that’s reasonable for your budget and set an automatic draft of the funds. Back when I was paid twice a month, I would usually do this the day my paychecks were deposited. This is the best way to do it in my opinion because you can’t miss the money if you never really had it in your wallet, right?

Since I don’t do paychecks anymore, I now do a monthly draft the same day my rent goes out. Sort of the same concept in a sense. I now just feel like my rent is a rent+savings automatic draft.

Create A Budget And Follow The 50/30/20 Rule

A good starting point of creating a budget is going through your expenses and evaluate your spending habits. Put this into a spreadsheet and organize it into categories (rent, car, household, restaurants/entertainment, shopping etc). Then take a look at the 50/30/20 rule. The concept of this rule is that 50% goes to your living needs, 30% to fun and 20% to savings. So the 50% of your income should go to your monthly living needs. This includes rent, groceries, insurance, health, auto, basically the bare to the bone essentials to surviving. 30% is designated for more fun things, going out to eat, shopping, travel. And lastly 20% is to go straight to savings and paying off any debt.

When you have your budget created, see what % you have currently going on and see where you can make some adjustments.  If you notice you’re going to Starbucks WAY too much, time to cut it back. If you realize your cable bill is taking up a good chunk of that 50% of living, time to cut back. When you have it all laid out it truly becomes reality.

Get An Emergency Fund

Life can throw at you unexpected expenses that can easily add up quickly. One of your main goals (after paying off that debt!) is to build an emergency fund. You should have ready to go in liquid cash, 6-9 months of living expenses ready to go for a rainy day. This may seem like a lot, but let’s chat for real here. What happens if you lose your job and you’re responsible for all the bills without a single paycheck coming in? Or what about if you were injured and had to take a leave of absence and you have a stack of medical bills? These are all very real scary things that can happen to any one with out a moments notice. Insert your emergency fund.

You should be able to live at the bare minimum off of your emergency fund for at least 6 to 9 months. You can leave out the fancy dinners and coffees when coming up with this budget, but make sure your fund will cover rent, insurance, cars, groceries and the basics. When life throws a curve ball at you, you’ll be prepared and won’t drive yourself into debt.

Manage Your Debt

First and foremost, make this a priority. If you have credit card debt, make it a goal to pay this down before you start doing any other savings. If you have several cards with debt, try the laddering technique.  This technique allows you to pay down all your debt and save on interest. Start by paying down your debt on the highest interest card you have. Once that balance is at zero, go to the next highest percent card and so on. If you can, pay the minimum payment required on the rest of your cards while you ladder to minimize your interest.

Remember, closing accounts is NOT good for your credit score so keep these open even if they’re at zero balance (and if you need to cut it up to keep you from using it). You can always order new ones when you’ve got your debt and spending in check.

Spend Your Cash

Seems crazy but it’s true! This is especially helpful to those who tend to be impulsive shoppers or are currently in some credit card debt. Figure out your monthly budget and whatever you need for cash related items which includes groceries, household items, dining/entertaining and miscellaneous, then divide it by 4.  Add this amount to your wallet each week and ONLY SPEND THE CASH. Don’t touch the credit cards. Studies have shown that you are less likely to not only break large bills but to also spend less cash when you have to physically pull cash out. It feels so much more real when you’re handing over dollars instead of a nice piece of plastic. This may also help you find where your unnecessary spending is happening.

Use The Dollar Rule

This tip is great for those of you who do use cash a lot or are using the above method.  It’s an old savings trick that’s bound to force you to save money without even realizing it. It’s pretty simple too. All you have to do is save your one dollar bills. That’s right! At the end of every week, or you can do every day, whichever, take your dollar bills and put them into a piggy bank. Every month, deposit them into your savings account and before you know it you’ll be stacking up money left and right.

TIP – This is a great method for saving for something like a trip or special purchase. I wouldn’t bank on a retirement fund on this one, but it’s a nice way to get some extra money into your pocket without noticing. Maybe put all these dollar bills into a separate savings account that’s just for special splurges like purses, shoes or that big Europe trip you’ve been dying to take. And if you need some travel tips on how to save on that flight to Europe be sure to check out this post.

A few other general tips to look out for when managing your budget and cutting out unnecessary spending…

  • Manage your subscriptions – Do you really need 5 magazine subscriptions? They aren’t expensive but they sure do add up.
  • Skip the expensive coffee habit. If you must, buy a nice coffee machine and make your fancy lattes at home. It’ll pay for itself in no time. At $5 a trip just twice a week, that’s $520 a year. If you buy a $100 Nespresso machine, you’ll be saving over $400 a year.
  • Ask for water and skip the booze at dinner. Even an inexpensive $8 glass of wine a week adds up to $416 a year which is your flight to Europe friends! Yes your flight, remember this post?
  • Switch those dinner dates to breakfast or lunch instead. These meals are typically less expensive and you’re less tempted to order that glass of wine. This is one of my favorite tips because I personally prefer breakfast over dinner anytime and it means I’m in bed at a reasonable hour. Or swap that cocktail date for coffee (more on that here)
  • Cancel your gym membership and use your apartment gym or the great outdoors. There’s tons of great apps with guided workouts now that are sure to keep you motivated.
  • Cut the chord and cancel cable! There are so many affordable streaming services now that there really isn’t a HUGE need for cable if you’re not TV obsessed.
  • Stop getting manicures! This is such a wasted expense and something that you can easily do at home.  You can get my tips on getting a great at home manicure here and trust me, practice makes perfect. After a handful of attempts, I promise you’ll have a flawless manicure every time. I’ve had a total of 4 manicures (really polish changes) in the last 7 years. Huge savings!
  • Switch out your light bulbs for LED ones. They’re energy efficient and last much much longer.
  • Opt for store brand products over name brand. Most of the time they’re made in the same facility and just have different packaging.
  • Unsubscribe from all those store emails. The inbox temptation is 100% a thing (guilty!) and by removing these daily reminders to shop will definitely help cut out some spending. And if all those emails haven’t taught you to never buy full price, then I don’t know what will. Always use those store coupons and shop during sales!

There you have it. My sure fire way to save more money in 2018 and get your emergency fund and retirement looking a little better!

Photos by Bryce France

Jessica is an Atlanta life and style blogger. Aiming to bring practical tips to your every day life. Tips that you can easily tackle and make your life feel just a tad more 'put-together'.

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      Jessica said:

      Seated is only in a few major cities, but it’s growing! I love it.

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    Such a great post! Thank you!!

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    This post was just what I needed today! Saving money was on my list of things to really focus on this year and it’s always so hard!
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