The Prettiest Mid Century Chairs Under $400

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A few years ago I wrote a post on mid-century dining chairs because the trend was so hot at the moment. I remember writing in that post (which you can read here) that I was worried the trend wouldn’t last. Making me nervous to invest in these super sleek, retro-inspired chairs for my own home. Fast forward a few years later and what do you know? This mid century decor trend is clearly here to stay. I sure hope it stays because I just updated my couch to a mid century modern sofa from West Elm. It’s a beauty!

I love this decor trend for a few reasons…

It reminds me so much of both of my grandparents houses. My Mom’s parents have the most incredible style and clearly this look is timeless. Her pieces are original from beautiful dining tables, chairs, sofas and more. They’ve stood the test of time in terms of decor trends. And my Dad’s parents have the coolest piece of furniture in their dining room that’s packed full of dishes, trays and knick knacks. I just love

A few things I love about mid century style is the minimalist design, yet it still has a way of having a true “look”. It’s usually the slightly geometric form of the pieces that give it interest without there being an overwhelming style. The mix of textures is also a classic characteristic of mid century. Textured tweed fabrics paired with smooth, wood, it’s truly a classic. And brass detailing? How could you not love that?!

Since mid century decor isn’t going anywhere and now there’s so many great, affordable options, why not add something to your home? I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite mid century modern chairs that are great to add to a living room for additional seating. All of these are under the $400 mark making it a super affordable option for your home. Plus, an easy way to add this fun style to your space.

Affordable Mid Century Chairs For Your Living Room

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