Why You Need The Madewell Transport Tote

The best tote for travel and the office Madewell Transport
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My Style Vita shares ways to style your Madewell Transport Tote
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My Style Vita shares her Madewell Transport review
The best work bag from Madewell
Jessica Camerata reviews the Madewell Transport Tote
Why you need the Madewell transport tote
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Everyone has that big carryall tote in their closet, right? Well, mine used to be this one from my old day job. I loved it, but the other day trying to shoot something with it, I realized it was a hot mess. It’s not structured at all. Therefore, the moment you set it down it just becomes a pile of leather and your things fall out of it. I’d been eying the popular Madewell Transport tote for at least a year now, but never wanted to pull the trigger. It was in my opinion, a bit overpriced and since I had a tote, I knew I didn’t NEED it. I mean you never need it, right?

But then I bought this one at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They typically have one every year in a fun colorway or with an added stripe like mine. It was a great price! After using it for a few weeks though, I now realize why it’s SO amazing. And also, 100% worth the full price at $168. Mine has lasted me YEARS and it goes with me just about everywhere.

The Madewell Transport Tote

The Madewell Transport Tote is a classic style that Madewell has had for years now. It’s a best seller and for good reason. The classic Madewell Transport tote is the one I have. It comes in a few colors, stripes and even in suede. It’s large enough to carry your giant laptop which I absolutely love. Making it also a great bag to travel with.

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In addition to the classic, there are a few other styles to choose from. They also have the medium Madewell Transport tote which I also own and love. This size still fits my laptop just fine. It’s a tight squeeze but still enough room! It’s $158 and comes in several colors. I love the outside pocket it has, it’s perfect for popping your cell phone into for easy access. If you’re worried about the top being open, they have solved that problem for you too! These Madewell Transport totes also come in zip top versions. I know some people really love a bag that closes, especially for travel, so these are a great option!

Every year though, Madewell comes out with some fun variations of the Madewell Transport tote in several sizes. Adding fun prints and embroidery, new colors and stripes. But they also offer to monogram as well which is a nice way to personalize your bag!

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How To Style Your Madewell Transport Tote

This tote is truly a classic that goes with just about everything. I’d say the only thing I haven’t worn this with is a cocktail dress. But everything from shorts and a tank to summer dresses and even casual office outfits, this Madewell Transport tote fits the bill. It’s sleek and professional enough to wear to the office. But also laid back and casual enough to wear to the farmers market or to run errands with.

I’ve paired mine with jeans and a tee. With sweaters and booties in the fall. And even sundresses. It definitely works for every season which makes it another essential bag to own.

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  1. 8.9.17
    Laura Leigh said:

    I was the exact same way when purchasing the transport tote. I wanted it for years but couldn’t quite pull the trigger than when I did, I was over the moon happy about it. I used that bag everyday for two years for work and LOVED it. Still use it here or there. It’s a great bag and worth the investment.

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 8.9.17
    Deirdra said:

    Love the bag.. but Love your lip shade as well. Can you tell me the brand and color?

    • 8.9.17
      Jessica said:

      Thanks! this was my L’Oréal matte mandate. Stayed on for HOURS

      • 8.10.17
        Deirdra said:

        I just went an grabbed that lipstick at the store.. it is so great.. already gotten several compliments.. thank you

        • 8.10.17
          Jessica said:

          Haha! I love that! It’s so good, and it doesn’t dry your lips out!

  3. 8.10.17
    Lisa said:

    Your hair & makeup look fab!!

  4. 8.15.17
    Marie-Anne Keeffe said:

    And I love your jeans? Are these NYDJ’s? If not what pair of ankle jeans fitted at the ankle like these would you suggest?
    Great blog!

    • 8.15.17
      Jessica said:

      The jeans are linked in the post right under the first and last photo!

  5. 8.17.17
    m said:

    Simplistic & stunning.

  6. 8.19.19
    Emily said:

    My favorite of my bag gifts to myself! I take it to work and it’s the best! I am always considering a second color but the cognac just wears so well I can’t bear to switch it. I tell everyone it’s worth the money!

    • 8.19.19
      Jessica said:

      That’s why I love this color too! I just got the medium black one and it’s been a great addition