How To Shop For Diamonds The Right Way

The short answer to this how-to post is, hire an expert! But let me explain.

Back in April, I headed to New York City for a really fun experience. Kate of The Diamond Concierge invited me and Cathy up to experience The Diamond Day Trip. A visit to the Diamond District in NYC to learn all about the 4 C’s, pick out our very own diamonds and design our special jewelry. Diamond shopping can be overwhelming, so having an expert who can help guide you in the purchase of these precious pieces of jewelry is ideal. That’s where Kate comes in!

Kate is definitely an expert on the topic of diamonds. She’s a fourth generation jeweler and a Graduate Gemologist. She lives for diamonds! This experience is an informative fun visit to the famous Diamond District in NYC ON 47th and 5th Avenue. An area I remember my Mom and Grandmother talking about as it’s where they got their diamonds as well. The corner is marked with tall pillars topped with diamonds so you can’t miss it.

Here’s what went down in this full experience that you can have for yourself. May I add, I think this would make for a really fun Mom and Daughter trip to do together to get something special. Or a cool way to connect sisters, or best friends, and so on. And obviously, I now think this is the ONLY way to purchase diamonds for an engagement ring. Not that that’s happening anytime soon for me, but I’ll definitely be calling up Kate when the time comes! It was a really special day and experience and one I’ll always remember.

What To Expect On A Diamond Day Trip With Kate The Diamond Concierge

Kate, The Diamond Concierge, offers a few options for a diamond purchase. You can do a Diamond Day Trip where you visit her in NYC and head to the diamond dealers in person. Or, if you’re unable to visit, she offers a virtual service. If you’re really looking to visit the true diamond destination, head to Antwerp in Belgium where 90% of diamonds are cut. She’ll show you around and have some amazing experiences set up for you. This sounds like the ultimate experience if you ask me! You can learn more about her services here.

Prior To The Visit

Before you head to NYC for your Diamond Day Trip, Kate gets to know you and your style through her Welcome Questionnaire. She’ll ask you what you’re looking for in terms of jewelry, budget and so on. Since I was looking for earrings but wasn’t sure exactly what style, she then sent over a few options to help narrow things down and also get a feel for my style.

Kate’s family also owns a jewelry manufacturing company so she’s able to create basically anything your little heart desires. She sent over a few options from really classic emerald cut earrings to a more trendy burst of diamonds. I gave her my feedback, clearly falling for the emerald since my Grandmother has a stunning emerald ring that I admire, and that was it!

During Your Trip

but first, coffee

We headed to NYC for a few days and one whole morning was dedicated to just diamonds. How fun is that, right? We met Kate at a nearby coffee shop to chat about what the day would look like. Since we’re dealing with diamonds here, there are definitely some rules. No photos (for the most part) and security is major. These are diamond dealers, after all, not just jewelers selling to the public. Kate has the best connections in the industry which is exactly why you want her by your side while making a diamond investment.

our first location

We headed to our first location to pick out some diamonds for Cathy’s earrings. Together, we went over the 4 C’s. When it comes to diamonds, that includes – cut, carat, clarity and color. Learning which cuts are ideal for what you’re looking for, which ones shine the most (that would be rounds, gals!) and why we care about all of these things when it comes to a single diamond. It was such a learning experience!

We also got to look at the diamonds up close and personal. You can see us using what’s called a ‘loop’ to inspect the pretty diamonds. They’re STUNNING up close. The intricate cuts and facets of each diamond were so interesting. We all took a turn looking at rounds, emeralds, pears and more. It was really cool to see how they’re all so different. Which is probably why when I asked Kate which cut is her absolute favorite, she said “impossible, they’re like my children, there are no favorites”.

The whole process of dealing with diamonds (with actual dealers) was beyond intriguing. the process is so different than what you’d expect. The way diamonds are wrapped in paper and folded, how they’re weighed and measured; it was all so neat to see the behind the scenes. It was really cool to see how they designed Cathy’s earrings. Since she did a round center diamond with a halo, Kate placed the diamonds on a piece of scotch tape to show us how it would look. It was really neat to see it that way and you could even hold it up to your ear for size reference. She told us it’s an old trick that’s used often! Scotch tape, so simple!

After we picked out Cathy’s earrings, we headed to another office to pick out emeralds. I ended up going with this classic cut that reminds me of my Grandmother. Placed in a gold setting, they’re something I can wear all the time, which I love!

time for champagne!

Once we picked out our diamonds and learned all the things, it was time for lunch! We finished our day with a delicious meal and Prosecco at Smile on Bond Street. One of my favorite meals of our trip actually. It was the perfect way to end a fun day full of diamonds!

After Your Visit

Once you’ve picked out your diamonds, your $1,250 Diamond Day Trip fee goes towards the jewelry, you await your special delivery! I was so excited when my earrings came. They come in the prettiest little box with a special note from Kate. I couldn’t wait to put them on and I’ve been wearing them ever since.

If you’re interested in investing in some beautiful diamonds, be sure to seek out the help of an expert like Kate The Diamond Concierge. You can also shop her beautiful collection of everyday pieces at her shop, Everyday Luxury. I’ve got my eye on this pretty ring!

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Photos by Hannah Lozano • Sponsored by Kate The Diamond Concierge

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