Your Most Frequently Asked Crossfit Questions

I was amazed at the response to my CrossFit post last week that I thought it was only necessary to do a follow up to address the comments and questions I received.

The first question I get the most is “do you do Paleo” which is the recommended eating lifestyle for CrossFitters.

The answer for me isn’t black and white. The short answer, mostly yes. The longer answer, I have a daily struggle with what I eat and my relationship with food.  I eat healthy though.  I eat my vegetables, fruits and proteins. I’m also very conscious about the quality of food I put in my body. Grass-fed meats, local dairy products and produce etc. I don’t drink soda, artificial sweeteners, fast food or really anything processed for the most part. But I do have a weakness for sweets. Oh, and pizza and pasta.

So I do struggle daily on fighting these cravings and understanding that pizza makes me sick and really isn’t worth eating. But really, it taste’s so damn good. So I eat it, then pay for it later. I do wish I had more will power to say no to these bad food choices, because I’d more than likely have a 6 pack. But I love to eat too much and it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re shoving a donut in your face.

The second question I get often is, “I’m nervous to try CrossFit, or I’m not in shape enough to try it”.

That’s the beauty of CrossFit people. There have been times that I have worked out next to an ex-NFL football player and on the other side of me was an overweight man trying to get his health back in check. We do the same workout, the same reps, everything. How can we do that? We scale, we modify, we make it work for our own fitness levels. 

I can’t do a muscle up, but I can use the same muscles and do ring dips and pull-ups that simulate the same thing to get the same result.  Can’t do a pull-up? Fine, do a jumping one, grab a band to help assist you in getting all the way up, or do ring rows if your hands are torn up. All of these movements mimic the same thing as a pull-up, get you a great workout and will eventually get you to doing the original intended movement which is the ultimate goal.

Why on Earth is it so expensive?

I boldly stated my monthly membership fee at CrossFit 404 in the last post, which was $160 a month. $160 seems absolutely ridiculous, right? Right. It is. If you don’t do CrossFit it is. But let me ask you, did you pay to be in a Sorority or Fraternity? Do you pay to be a part of a club of some sort that has similar interests? It’s all the same thing. It’s a community that I joined in conjunction with personalized fitness.

Small groups, certified instructors giving you one on one tips and helping you out after class to work on a skill. These are things you don’t get at big cookie cutter gyms. No ones helping you, no one’s making sure you don’t get hurt, no one’s pushing you and cheering you on. Oh, and no ones serving you mimosa’s after a WOD, or watermelon after the 4th of July WOD, or hosting a fun potluck to get everyone mingling. I joined CrossFit 404 because they are all about building a community. So you actually want to come workout AND see your friends.

Let’s break down the $160. I do the unlimited package. I typically go 3-4 times a week and try to do yoga once a week. That’s less than $10 a session. Plus, I get to bring my dog with me which means I don’t need a dog walker or don’t feel obligated to go at certain times because my dog has been home by herself too long. I also love that I can stay after and work on a skill, or do some rowing, or just hang out. That 1 hour class just turned into an hour and a half or longer. All things your LA Fitness won’t give you.

In addition to loving CrossFit so much, I want to take a quick moment to send my condolences to those who lost a loved one last week. One of the owners of my new gym passed away and we are all saddened by the devastating news.  I got to know him a little more over the last couple of months while attending 404, working on gym tee shirts with Alternative and this post actually.  He worked so hard to create a place that is 404 and I’m so thankful he did. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and close friends. You will truly be missed.

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  1. 8.1.13
    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl said:

    Love this! Nice to see you in your element…since you know I wouldn’t be caught dead doing Crossfit. It would interrupt my nap time.

    Cathy, your Poor Little It GIrl

  2. 8.2.13
    Nicole said:

    Thanks for being insightful and answering the questions people had for you honestly. That’s such a refreshing thing to see in a realm in which almost every review focuses only on the positive. And what a heart-warming nod to Jason; I’ll pass it along.

  3. 8.2.13
    Ashley Gillespie said:

    I was wondering what happened, and I was hoping he moved away or went on a trip or something. So sad to hear this news!! I will keep his family and those at CF 404 in my prayers.

    Great post! Hopefully you’ve convinced some people to try it out! I know I can’t wait to go back!