New Ways To Wear A Bandana In Your Hair

New Ways To Wear A Bandana In Your Hair  - My Style Vita

I feel like it’s been the year of the bandana. From adding it to your favorite bag, your wrist, your neck and your hair. It’s been everywhere. I’m guilty of loving this trend, but not wearing it as often as I should.  With so many ways to wear it there’s really no excuse to not add it into your looks more often. Since I covered 5 ways to use a neck scarf from your hair to your bag, I thought it would be fun to share a few ways to wear it in your hair!

I’ve been growing out my hair now for a while (ended up chopping it all off which you can see here!) and this is definitely something that helps to dress up your hair and make it feel fresh in a pinch. It’s easy to get sick of your hair but adding in a simple bandana whether it’s a low ponytail, high top knot or something in between, I’ve got you covered.

The only thing you really need for these looks is your trusty, favorite bandana. You can use silky ones, cotton ones, whichever you prefer! There are so many options to shop now that there’s no way you can’t find one that suits your personal style. Also, if you’re afraid of a big bandana, you can always opt for scrunchie versions or super thin bandanas like this one. It helps to take the guesswork out of it and can make this style a little less intimidating! Below are a few personal favorites.

How To Wear A Bandana In Your Hair

How To Wear A Bandana In Your Hair - The Half Ponytail

The Half Ponytail.

First up, the half up. There are actually two ways you can do this one. Either go long with your bandana like above (crossing it triangle style) so that the sides are long and flowy. Or below as you see with the full top knot. By folding it hamburger style it’ll make it shorter and thicker on either side. I think this just depends on your preference, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind when adding a bandana to a ponytail. There’s really two ways you can fold it! You can even do a half top knot if you want to add some more messiness to your hair. You can check out my half top knot tutorial here.

How To Wear A Bandana In Your Hair - The Messy Top Knot

The Messy Top Knot.

Oh the messy top knot. Who doesn’t love this one? This is a great option for dirty hair you don’t want to deal with. Throw it up in a big messy top knot and add in your bandana. I love this fun retro feel. It makes messy hair feel fresh and like you tried way harder than you really did. It’s also a great pop of color to our standard messy bun that tends to be a lazy day favorite.

PS try some of my favorite dry shampoos here!

How To Wear A Bandana In Your Hair - The Headband

The Headband.

I’ll be honest, this look is SO not me. It’s such a sweet look, but it’s nothing you’ll likely see me wear around town. I still wanted to share it with you because I think it’s a really fun way to wear your hair down and incorporate a bandana. This is truly such a retro look with the knot to the side ever so slightly. You can either put the knot below at the nape of your neck so you don’t see it and leave it as just a headband. Or tie it at the top or side. I actually like the little knot showing for a little more texture.

How To Wear A Bandana In Your Hair - The Low Loop

The Low Loop.

I love this one and sometimes often forget to rock a low messy bun. Simply pull your hair into a ponytail and whether you pull it 2 or 3 times around, on the last one, just pull it until your ends are almost through for the perfect loop. You can also do a big messy low bun, but I thought this was a more sleek version that’s so easy to dress up. Tie a bandana around the hairtie (either long ways or short ways) to get the look.

Photos by Hannah Michelle, Styling by Kristina Mills

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  1. 6.12.18
    Lisa Autumn said:

    Oh these are all gorgeous but option 1 is my fave! So beautiful…

    x Lisa |

    • 6.12.18
      Jessica said:

      I think that one is my favorite and the low loop. I love having the bandana/neck scarf long and flowy like that!

  2. 6.12.18
    Karly said:

    Your hair looks so cute styled all these ways! I think the top knot is my favorite – makes me miss my long hair. Maybe I can pull off the low bun, though. 🙂

  3. 6.12.18
    Laura Leigh said:

    Bandanas are my absolute favorite! I recently shared a post on six ways to style them and now you’ve given me inspiration on a few new ways too! Trying that messy topknot this weekend for sure.

    xo Laura Leigh

  4. 6.12.18
    Nicole said:

    The messy top knot is EVERYTHING!! Trying that asap.

    Nicole |

  5. 7.23.18
    Jasmine said:

    Hii, this is so chic, your hair looks great! What size of bandana is this?

    • 7.24.18
      Jessica said:

      Thanks! It’s a standard bandana. I’ve linked to several from Madewell and J. Crew that work well for all of these looks.

  6. 10.28.18
    Cassie said:

    Love these ideas for hair! Great blog too:)

  7. 1.5.19
    Anna said:

    Hello! I love this style, the scarf seems very versatile. Could you share what size (l x w) the scarf is?

  8. 6.4.19

    Seeing you with long hair again made me do a double take! LOL Love a good hair accessory!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    • 6.4.19
      Jessica said:

      Hahah! I actually liked this length, this was before I decided “let’s just grow it out like CRAZY”

  9. 6.5.19
    Lisa Autumn said:

    OH I love the first one!

    x Lisa |

  10. 6.7.19
    Ashleigh said:

    I love this ideas! I especially I adore the half ponytail style!

    xx Ashleigh