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One of the most common questions bloggers get asked is “where is that from”?. Whether it’s what you’re wearing, the lipstick color you have or even the rug that’s behind you in a mirror selfie. The followers and readers of most bloggers and influencers are always wondering “where is that from?”. For the majority of fashion bloggers, we use an app called which helps to make our Instagram posts shoppable content. But also, other images too! So if you’re ever wondering, where is that from, it’s likely over on my page. Or as we like to call it, LTK!

How To Use is a simple app that was created by rewardStyle to make content shoppable. rS is a program that bloggers use to monetize their site. You’ve heard me talk about that in this blog post here. This app allows users to easily shop their favorite Instagram accounts all in one place. And it allows bloggers to easily monetize their platforms like Instagram and Snapchat as another revenue stream.

The app is totally free and super easy to use. Once you download the app and sign up, you can like items, shop, create collections and more! It’s so simple!

How Does Work? simply works by allowing influencers to upload their images and tag the appropriate (or similar) items for followers to shop. This content then gets added to the app and you, the shopper, can easily browse and shop from your favorite influencers. It makes it super easy to answer that common question “where is that from”.

How To Use rewardStyle’s App If You’re A Shopper

If you follow any bloggers or influencers, you’ll want to sign up for so you can easily shop their feed. Plus, bloggers tend to add in additional photos liek from their blo psots, or stories, so you can shop everythign in once place.

To use LTK as a shopper, you simply download and open the app and begin to follow your favorite accounts under the search section. You can also easily browse by popular hashtags like #LTKunder100 or #LTKfit or the general #liketkit hashtag. Just hit the heart icon to save items you love to shop later! A few other ways to use the app are to create collections. A few ideas could be “Summer Outfits” or “Beauty Favorites”. When you are browsing your favorite influencers’ content, you can simply tap the product image and click the +collection to add it to your folders. This can make it easy to narrow items down you want to shop. When you’re ready to shop, just tap the product and it’ll take you to the online retailer to shop! By doing so, that influencer will then receive a percentage of the sale as their commission.

Another way to easily shop from Instagram is to screenshot an image. LTK has developed a screenshot matching technology that allows people to easily just screenshot an image so that they can shop it within the app. You can see these screenshots under “likes” in the app which is the LTK symbol on the bottom.

How To Join

For shoppers, you just have to sign up through the app once you download it! It’s super easy. There are also weekly emails that go out if you’d like to get updates on things that are currently trending.

For bloggers, you’ll need to apply to be a part of the rewardStyle platform which owns You can do that here. I’m also happy to refer you if you’re having issues, feel free to send me an email!

Download The App

how to use the app

How To Use App If You’re A Blogger

If you’re a blogger and you want to monetize your Instagram images, I highly recommend signing up for rewardStyle and using It’s super easy to use and can allow you to monetize your blogging business in new ways. To create a shoppable image, you simply upload your photo to the rewardStyle app and tag the products you want associated to the image. Then hit publish. Be sure to add the appropriate LTK hashtags so it’s properly enabled.

Tips To Make More Money On LTK

Create A Shop Page

To drive more blog traffic and revenue, I recommend making a dedicated SHOP page on your blog. This way you can add the widget to your blog and showcase your content. You can see how I do this here and also here. This way when someone asks where something is from, you can just share a link to your SHOP page and they can find it there. Plus, it drives more traffic to your blog and hopefully gets them browsing on your site a little more!

Enable Instagram Stories

I also recommend enabling images that you use on your Instagram Stories as well. Whether it’s a try on haul, or you’re just sharing a new item or outfit, enable the image and let readers know they can always shop it through your SHOP page or the app.

Linked Items

Lastly, are your linked items relevant? I’m not someone who is wearing something brand new every single day, so it’s important to me to always have a few “similar” items to link to for when people want to shop my looks. Always do your best in linking to in-stock items and identical items whenever possible. This will more likely result in a sale versus linking to something that’s 3 years old and no longer in stock. This may mean cleaning up your rewardStyle folders every so often and keeping them organized.

Photos by Hannah Lozano

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