How To Shop From Your Favorite Bloggers

How to Shop From Your Favorite Bloggers

I’ve been blogging for 8+ years now and I can’t believe I haven’t created a formal “how to” on shopping from me. I get messages and comments often about “where is that from” or “where can I find xyz”. With so many influencers and bloggers out there now, I am still always surprised that people don’t know. But that’s what today’s post is for!

When I was in Lisbon with my girlfriends, somehow this topic came up over coffee one morning. I think one of them was about to do some shopping for the Nordstrom Sale and I reminded her to use my link. She legit said “how”. My friends, who I assumed knew exactly how to shop my outfits from my blog or Instagram, would have known FOR SURE how to do this. Plus with the last 3-4 blog posts on my blog all about this sale, you’d think it was easy!

They were all kind of shocked as to how easy it was when I explained how it all works. Since then, they’ve been overly supportive in not only “using my links” but also sharing my SHOP page with their friends who they know shop a ton. This sparked a blog post idea, TELL THE OTHERS!

Why You Should Shop From Your Favorite Bloggers

Shopping from your favorite blogger, Instagrammer or influencer helps us support our business and well, pay our rent! And it’s at NO cost to you. Part of my income is based on using affiliate links to share with my readers and followers so I can generate income. You can also learn more about other ways bloggers make a living in this blog post. But today, I just want to share how you can shop from your favorite bloggers. If you’re an online shopper, this could mean huge support for the bloggers you follow if you choose to click our links!

What Is An Affiliate Link?

Affiliate links are a special link that us bloggers can pull from our favorite stores like Nordstrom, Abercrombie and Madewell (and SO many more) and then share with you. When you click on the affiliate link, you’re telling that store that you clicked it from ME, your favorite blogger. Then if you shop at that store (it can be ANYTHING, not even that exact item) I make a small commission. The cool part about this, is if you close out the window, and maybe come back the next day, the store remembers that you clicked my link last and I still get the commission. This is at NO cost to you too. The retailer pays this out to us directly. It’s just a small step you can do to help support your favorite bloggers.

Where Are These Affiliate Links?

They’re EVERYWHERE. Basically, every Instagram post and blog post will have affiliate links. When you head to my blog, they’re at the bottom of my posts in what we call widgets (little images of the product that you can click) but also in the text and hyperlinked so you can just CLICK! My links are always in a different color and bold so you can easily see what’s linked. Try it here, this is linked! That link sent you to Nordstrom, not a product, and that works too! Below is what a widget looks like.

This Is A Widget!

If you’re wanting to shop my Instagram looks, you can head to THIS PAGE to see them all. Or you can use the app. You can also download this in the app store and browse it on your phone easily! And if you’re swiping up on Instagram to a product that already has a link! I oftentimes share my SHOP page when I provide a swipe up so that you click the image I’m referencing to shop. It allows me to include more than one product as well!

How To Shop From Instagram

Everything you see on my Instagram is always available to shop via my #linkinbio. This is the landing page for my link in bio. It has my latest blog post which is often featured in my Instagram Stories and in the feed. It also has some popular links that I’m often asked for. Some of them include TRIM Bootcamp questions, Beautycounter and my everyday beachy waves for example. But below all of that are also my latest Instagram posts that are linked with product. Just click the image, and you’ll see the products. Then you can shop!

You can also find all of those images under my SHOP page along with favorite retailers listed out and some of my favorite products I’m eyeing. This list changes every so often. Around the holidays I’ll update this with gift guide ideas, or if I’m traveling, I’ll include my packing list here so you can easily shop my outfits and travel essentials.

Watch how easy it is below! This is by clicking my #linkinbio OR just click EXPLORE in my top navigation!

It’s That Simple!

There’s not much to it when it comes to shopping from your favorite bloggers. If you’re at your computer and about to start shopping, head to my SHOP page to find your favorite retailer to start shopping. And if you’re reading a blog post and want to shop my outfit, click the widget and text at the end! If you’re on your phone, download the App so you can easily shop my Instagram posts. Or if you’re in Instagram, just click the #linkinbio! So many ways to shop and support your favorite bloggers.

Jessica is an Atlanta life and style blogger. Aiming to bring practical tips to your every day life. Tips that you can easily tackle and make your life feel just a tad more 'put-together'.

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  1. 10.2.19
    Rachel said:

    This post is SO helpful and I will 100% be sharing it with everyone! Thanks for making shopping your looks so easy!


    • 10.2.19
      Jessica said:

      Yes! I was so shocked that my tech savvy friends didn’t understand it either! Hope it’s helpful

  2. 10.3.19
    Dana Mannarino said:

    I’m always shocked when I see how many people are against shopping through affiliate links and LTK! I think it’s SUCH an easy way to shop AND yes, support your favorites! This is such a great, informative post, Jessica!

    Dana | The Champagne Edit 

    • 10.3.19
      Jessica said:

      Why would they be against it?! What’s it to them!