Three Tips To Make Your Converse More Comfortable Today

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How to make your converse more comfortable, styling a dress with converse - My Style Vita
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How to make your converse more comfortable, styling a dress with converse - My Style Vita
How to make your converse more comfortable, styling a dress with converse - My Style Vita
How to make your converse more comfortable, styling a dress with converse - My Style Vita
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While in Charleston, I wore my chucks one morning to grab coffee and walk around the Battery. I wasn’t really planning on walking around as much as I did. I really thought I’d spend that morning just sitting at a coffee shop, eat some food and then hop back on my bike. If you don’t remember, my bike was my BEST FRIEND this last trip.

I rarely ever wear my chucks in real life to be honest. They run a tad too narrow for me, and I just don’t get the obsession with comfort over them. To me, they’re miserable. I love instead, my Vans or Adidas. I can walk miles in them without a single complaint. I always wondered how to make my Converse more comfortable so I could live in them! But this trip I finally decided to do a couple things.

How To Make Your Converse More Comfortable

  1. Loosen the damn laces a bit all the way down. I don’t know why I didn’t think to do this, but loosening them just at the top won’t do the trick. Spend a little time starting at the bottom and give yourself some more room in those shoes.
  2. Update your socks. I ended up eventually wearing no socks with mine, but at first, I would wear my little mini socks with them. Sadly I had black ones on this day and you can see them a bit here. Now the shoes are much more comfortable and they survived my long walk which was a first.
  3. Give them a wash! The fabric on your chucks may be a little stiff and until you really wear them in, it may take some blisters. So speed up the process by throwing them in the wash to get the fabric softened up a bit.

You may now see me wearing these a lot more outside of just sitting or standing for a photo opp because now they’re my FAVORITE shoes.

PS My Converse have now become SO comfortable that I wore through a pair and had to replace them. I’ve worn them with everything my closet from more dresses, to jeans and skirts. How do you like to wear your Converse?

Photos by JNelly


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  1. 4.26.17
    Laura Leigh said:

    Love your tips! I will definitely be loosening my laces a little bit. Very cute look! I LOVE this dress.

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 4.26.17

    Can’t believe it took you so long to realize that you needed to loosen the laces, ha!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  3. 4.26.17

    So glad you’ve seen the light! You can never go wrong with a classic pair of white Chucks.

  4. 4.26.17
    Caitlin said:

    Totally loosening the laces on mine when I get home tonight! ha. Your dress is adorable!

  5. 4.26.17
    Rachel said:

    I love my chucks but I agree, the narrowness of them isn’t ideal for walking long distances! Love your dress.

    Rachel /

  6. 4.27.17
    Bree said:

    You used to wear them without socks?

    • 4.27.17
      Jessica said:

      I know I’m crazy!

      • 4.27.17
        Bree said:

        How many pairs of Converse sneakers do you own?

      • 6.19.17
        Mary said:

        I wear my converse without socks too. What made them uncomfortable for you when you wore sockless?