5 Tips For Getting Through Your List Of Errands

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This past week has been my first real full week back to being normal. I’ve been busy as can be with media dinners, meet ups with Rising Tide Society and finalizing lots of exciting things for The Blog Societies. Plus all the usual My Style Vita work. It’s safe to say that things are back to normal with total craziness again. This weekend I’ve got even more fun things to do, but first off the to do list are some essential errands I need to run. From picking up dry cleaning, to grocery shopping and picking up more Pork food.

One of the habits I’ve gotten into when heading out the door to go run errands, is to grab a cold drink from my fridge. I’ve noticed myself doing it more and more. So when Bai asked me to try out their latest cans (I’m very partial to the bold Bai Bubbles Bogotà Blackberry Lime and Gimbi Pink Grapefruit flavors!) I said of course! I’m all about a refreshing carbonated drink! I basically consume them multiple times a day. These have only 5 calories and all natural sweeteners so there’s only 1 gram of sugar in these cute cans. They’re definitely sweeter than I expected so they make for a great sweet pick me up to get me through my long list of errands. Plus, you can easily find them at your local Kroger and use this $.75 coupon off two cans.

How do you get through your weekend errands? Here are my 5 tips to chipping away at your to do list for a stress free weekend.

5 Ways To Make Errands Less Stressful

1. Use A To Do List App

I personally love using the To Do list app that comes with my phone to help me get through my list. I can easily see exactly what I need to do and check things off as I go. There’s something super satisfying about getting to check done on your list! I always make sure to keep this up to date on my phone so that if I’m out and about and have some time to kill I know what I need to get done. I also always keep my grocery list on my phone as well for the exact reason!

2. Don’t Be Too Ambitious With Your List

If you only have a short amount of time to get things done, don’t put a ton of things on your list. Be realistic on what can be accomplished so your list doesn’t feel overwhelming. Or, if it seems overwhelming make sure you’re grabbing a bubbly Bai Bubbles to get you through it.  It’s always a nice pick me up and something to enjoy while on your drive from place to place.

3. Plan By Location

In addition to not putting a ton on your plate that doesn’t make sense, don’t add the car wash to your list if it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Or the cleaners if they’re on the other side of town and you’ll be there in a few days anyway for something else. Maximizing your time is key and it doesn’t always make sense to run an errand if it’s going to cost you a ton of time. I just did this the other day with a beauty errand. I was holding off on visiting a beauty store until I mailed my taxes at the post office.  They’re right next to each other and I NEVER go to either one. It just made more sense to deal with the mess of a parking lot on that side of town when I had to mail my taxes.

4. Keep Errands On Hand

I’m typically returning a few things here and there (hello online shopping problem).  Having a bag in my car designated for my errands I need to handle at all times allows me to handle them while I’m out and find myself with some spare time.  My sister always makes fun of me for this one, but jokes on her when I find myself at a meeting early and it just so happens to be near Madewell where my returns need to go!

5. Run Errands During Off Hours

This isn’t always a luxury everyone has, but to me there’s just nothing worse than having to run an errand on a Saturday along with the rest of the city. You’ll usually find me on a Tuesday at 10am running my errands when no one else is around. This allows for a much more relaxed atmosphere with my cold refreshing Bai Bubbles in hand! It’s definitely a perk to working for yourself. On the weekends everything is much crazier and busier making the whole process not only more stressful but usually more time consuming. If you’re able to take some time to do things during off hours (even just early in the morning on a Saturday when things first open up) I highly recommend it.

And don’t forget to grab a Bai Bubbles before heading out the door to make your errands that much easier to handle!

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  1. Laura Leigh wrote:

    These are great tips and now I need to try Bai Bubbles Bogotà Blackberry Lime and Gimbi Pink Grapefruit. I’m obsessed with Grapefruit sparkling water so I am sure it’ll be my new favorite. Thanks for sharing this! Oh, p.s. those jeans are amazing on you!

    xo Laura Leigh

    Posted 4.25.18 Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      I always grab grapefruit anything. Really loved the Blackberry lime too!

      Posted 4.25.18 Reply
  2. Erika wrote:

    I always, always run my errands early in the mornings on Saturdays and Sundays, or after work on the weekdays. It makes my life 100x easier!

    Posted 4.25.18 Reply


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