Look Your Best On A Zoom Call With Minimal Effort

Look Your Best On A Zoom Call With Minimal Effort

Real talk, I’ve been on several Zoom happy hours and about 100 FaceTime calls since quarantine. It’s such a great way to connect with friends and family during this weird ass time. Many of you who are working from home are having a lot of Zoom calls with coworkers. Let’s also not forget this hysterical video of the Zoom call that went viral. This girl clearly didn’t understand that people could SEE her as she used the bathroom.

If you’re having to connect with co-workers or clients via Zoom, I wanted to share a few things to help make you look and feel your best with minimal effort. Let’s be real, we’ve all embraced leggings as work clothes and have made the couch our office. But we definitely don’t want our bosses thinking that we’ve just been binging Netflix all day. Since this is work, you shouldn’t really show up to your calls in pajamas and no bra. Here are a few simple tips to look a little more put together for your next work Zoom call. PS these tips will be great in the future when you’re doing a video interview or if you’re hosting a webinar and so on.

5 Tips To Look Like You Haven’t Been Living On Your Couch For A Zoom Call

Throw On A Bra

Yes, a bra. It could be a lazy sports bra if you like, but it’s probably a good idea to throw one on. I recently got a few of these SKIMS bras. They’re so buttery soft and are the perfect lazy bra.

Put On A Decent Shirt

It doesn’t need to be a suit, and you definitely don’t need to worry about work pants. But putting on a clean, wrinkle-free shirt over your lazy sports bra is a good idea.

Add A Bit Of Makeup

No, you do not need to do your full makeup routine for a Zoom call. But you may feel better if you throw on a little concealer and blush. Or whatever 2 or 3 things it is in your makeup routine that makes you feel your best with minimal effort. For me, it’s concealer, a little tinted moisturizer and bronzer. And maybe a little mascara too.

Find Your Light

When doing a video call, it’s important to have your face facing a light source. So if you’re desk is near a window, make sure your face is facing the window. If you have your back to a window, you’ll be backlit and your face will be super dark making it hard to have a decent video call with co-workers.

Prop Up Your Computer

I’m loving watching all the anchors on TV reporting from home, but clearly many of them are NOT following this simple step. I highly recommend propping your computer up on a few books so that your webcam is level with your face. This is a way more flattering angle! It’s also how we do our webinars for The Blog Societies. It makes us look like we’re really sitting with the attendees and having a conversation. Nothing is worse than that upward view of your nostrils!

How are you surviving all the Zoom calls?

Photo by Hannah Lozano

Jessica is an Atlanta life and style blogger. Aiming to bring practical tips to your every day life. Tips that you can easily tackle and make your life feel just a tad more 'put-together'.

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  1. 3.31.20
    Lisa Autumn said:

    Great tipps girl x I hope you are staying well and safe x

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  2. 3.31.20
    Karly said:

    These are great tips! I agree that learning to prop up your computer or phone is key for any type of video conference/chat.