How To Keep Your Pampas Grass From Shedding

how to care for pampas grass

If you haven’t jumped on the pampas grass train yet, what are you waiting for? It’s really ideal for those of you who may not have a green thumb and kill all the plants you’ve tried to care for. I’ve only managed to keep alive my snake plants which by the way are a great plant to try. But, if you want zero maintenance, pampas grass is the way to go. Plus, pampas grass adds a perfect boho vibe to any corner of your home. The natural colors and texture are quintessentially boho.

If you’ve never bought pampas grass, there’s a ton to choose from. It’s hard to tell which ones are good, which ones are fluffiest and so on. I bought some a few months back that ended up being a little on the sad side. Then I found these on Etsy and really loved how they looked. They’re super fluffy and have such pretty movement to them. You can shop them here.

How To Keep Pampas Grass From Shedding

If you’ve ever owned pampas grass, you know that it is notorious for shedding. There will be little pieces of it everywhere especially when you move it around and arrange the stems. There’s a little secret though to making sure it doesn’t shed. Hairspray! Take your favorite hairspray and spray each stem with it. It holds everything in place keeping shedding to a minimum if none at all.

how to keep pampas grass from shedding

How To Care For Pampas Grass

When You First Get Pampas Grass

When you first receive your pampas grass in the mail, you’ll want to place it in a vase and just let it sit for a few days. The grass will be tight and not look flowy and fluffy. But give it a few days to relax and open up a bit. You’ll see a big difference in just 24 hours. But give ti a few days. They even say to put it in the sun, not sure if that does anything, but can’t hurt.

When You’re Ready To Style It

Once your pampas grass has opened up, you can now style it in a vase and decorate your home with it. Before you do that, you’ll want to spray the pampas grass with hairspray to keep it from shedding everywhere. Then arrange it in a vase, cut the stems the length you need, and that’s it!

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