How To Easily Fill In Your Eyebrows The Right Way

How to fill in eyebrows, eyebrow tutorial, tips for great brows - My Style Vita

I’m the first to admit that I was clueless about how to fill in eyebrows.  I thought that since my eyebrows were dark and fairly thick, that I didn’t need to do anything. Personally, I just assumed this was something people with super thin and light brows had to deal with.  Sure, my brows are pretty substantial and I probably don’t HAVE to fill them in and go on with my life just fine. But, there was a time that an amazing makeup artist filled in my brows for the first time ever in my life. That day was life-changing. I had NO idea what a difference it could make even with my dark brows.

Since that day that the Mary Kay makeup artist filled my brows in, I’ve been adding this step into my routine. I’ll be honest, I don’t do it every single day. My brows don’t need it. But for the days that I do a full face of makeup or have a big event to go to and need to be in full glam, I ALWAYS fill them in. For easy day to day makeup I use my iT Cosmetics brow power pencil to fill in the front of my brows (my left one is a bit sparse in one section) and don’t do too much. But for full-on glam, I always use my it Cosmetics universal brow powder and brush to get a more thick and defined brow. Today’s tutorial doesn’t show it SUPER glammed up, but just continue to build as you go along with the steps for an even fuller brow.

How To Find Your Perfect Brow Shape

First and foremost you want to start with your brow shape. To get a good guide of how to tweeze and maintain your brow according to its natural shape, use the above images as a guide Starting with the first, grab your brow pencil and line it up against your nose and inner corner of your eye. This is where your brow should start. Then line up your pencil from your nose to the middle of your eyeball cutting it right in half. This is where your arch should be. Lastly, to see where your brow should end (because there’s nothing worse than when people go WAY too far out) line up the pencil from your nose to the outer eye. This is where your brow should end.

Now that we know the proper shape of our brow and a general idea of where to start it and finish it, we can begin to fill it in.

How To Fill In Your Eyebrows

Step One: Brush Your Brows!

Guilty of never doing this. Sometimes your brow just needs a little brush with a spoolie (that’s the brushy thing at the end of this eyebrow brush!). Trim any out of whack hairs and get your brows looking right. It’s kind of incredible what this one step can do to make your brows look better nearly instantly.

Step Two: Start To Fill

I like to press my brush into the pressed powder on both sides of the brush. Then tap any excess powder off before starting. This will reduce any falling powder onto your face and make sure you aren’t applying too much product to the brow. Then begin to fill in your brows starting from the inner eye. I use a gentle pressing motion and begin to pull up a bit with the brush angled down. You want to mimic strokes so it looks as natural as possible. If the hairs in that area are growing up, work upwards, if they are growing outward towards the outer eye, move in that same direction so things stay natural.

How to fill in eyebrows, eyebrow tutorial, tips for great brows - My Style VitaHow to fill in eyebrows, eyebrow tutorial, tips for great brows - My Style Vita

Step Three: Build Your Shape

Once the inner part is filled in, you can begin to move along to the arch and outer brow. I like to fill in arch a bit more for a more defined look. Again, keeping with the same direction of the hair growth for a natural look. Begin to build the color and move outwards to the end of your brow. Personally, I like to only fill in the top parts of my brow instead of building below it. This allows your eyes to look more open. You don’t want to reduce the space between your eye and eyebrow.

How to fill in eyebrows, eyebrow tutorial, tips for great brows - My Style VitaHow to fill in eyebrows, eyebrow tutorial, tips for great brows - My Style Vita

Step Four: Brush It All Out Again

Yes brush it again. This helps to soften the applied makeup a bit and blend it nicely throughout the eyebrow. Also allows you to see if you missed anything. Fill in any missing gaps that you see.

Step Five: Set Your Brows

For big events and being all glammed up, I like to set my brows with a little brow gel. This helps to keep them in place and polishes it all off.

How to fill in eyebrows, eyebrow tutorial, tips for great brows - My Style Vita

How to fill in eyebrows, eyebrow tutorial, tips for great brows - My Style Vita
How to fill in eyebrows, eyebrow tutorial - My Style Vita


Photos by Hannah Michelle

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  1. 10.18.18
    Laura Leigh said:

    Killing the brow game lady! They look so good! Need to do the brushing out afterwards – thanks for sharing!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    • 10.18.18
      Jessica said:

      Thanks lady! I think brushing them out helps make the powder look more natural too.

  2. 10.21.18

    Ohh I love how you used It Cosmetics products as I do, too! Your brows look great girl!
    XO Amanda | Affordable by Amanda

    • 10.21.18
      Jessica said:

      Thanks Amanda. Love their products

  3. 1.16.20

    Amazing post Jessica! Perfectly shaped and filled eyebrows frame the face. Thanks for sharing!

  4. 4.20.20

    You get it! Nothing replaces perfect brows. Have you ever been tempted to get them done in permanent makeup?

  5. 5.5.20
    Tina said:

    As a lash artist and make up artist I can see that you know exactly how it works and what you are doing.
    thank you for sharing 🙂
    tina from wimpernverlängerung salzburg

  6. 10.3.20
    Beth said:

    Nice to get ideas and demonstrations ! Thanks