No Spa, No Problem, Here’s How To Have A Spa Like Facial At Home

How To Do A Facial At Home

One of my favorite things to do is pick the brain of my aesthetician, Ryan. He’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to skin, ingredients and everything in between. I feel like I’ve received such an education from after a dozen visits and long lunch dates. Skincare is clearly something I’ve grown to love over the years. I’m a dedicated Cosmedix user, a clean, medical grade brand. And have also incorporated a few Beautycounter products like their toner and a face ash. But my OG skincare is for sure Cosmedix.

Something that makes me cringe is hearing someone’s skincare routine and it being just simply ass backwards. Masking without cleansing first. Going to bed with makeup on. Using drugstore products (sorry but if it’s that cheap there can’t be much in it friends as good skincare ingredients have a bit of a price tag and are worth it). So I thought I’d share the ideal way to have a spa like facial at home. Because you totally can!

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Sure, seeing an aesthetician is ideal to do once a season at least, bare minimum twice a year. But sometimes you can fake it and help extend your visits in between by treating your skin to a glorious 30 minutes. It’ll help to fix new issues that come up or help maintain the goals you and your aesthetician are working towards. If you have an aesthetician, I recommend asking them which masks or products you should specifically use for this. But regardless, this is a great method to use with whatever products you have at home.

How To Do A Facial At Home

How To Do A Facial At Home - Step by Step by My Style Vita

The Products You’ll Need

  • Washcloth
  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Second Cleanser – one that’s for your skincare concerns
  • Exfoliator
  • Favorite Mask
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • SPF

Step One – Take A Hot Shower

Steam is great because it will help to loosen up the dirt in your pores. Plus, steam is hydrating. You don’t need a fancy mechanism (no seriously you do NOT, it’s a waste). Either take a hot shower, or just boil a pot of water and stand over it. Yes, that’s all you need.

Step Two – One Minute Cleanse

Set a timer and cleanse your face for one solid minute. This cleanser should be one that removes dirt, oil and makeup like an oil based cleanser. I use Purity Solution for myself as its an oil cleanser. Oil attracts oil so this really helps to clean off my makeup and excess oil in my naturally oily skin. Wipe your face off with a WASHCLOTH. My life has been forever changed ever since my aesthetician Ryan got me using a washcloth. I used to do the whole splash water on your face from the sink and make a giant mess tactic. Never again. Buy a week’s worth of washcloths and thank me later

Step Three – One Minute Double Cleanse

Yes, you read that right. A second cleanse for another minute. When you go to a spa they ALWAYS do a double cleanse. And they cleanse for at least two minutes total. Why? Well, the first one minute cleanse is only removing that initial layer of dirt, makeup and dead skin. The second cleanse is the one that really gets in there and also treats your skincare concerns. Cleanse, wipe with a washcloth.

Step Four – Exfoliate

Towards the end of my second cleanse, I sometimes add in an exfoliant. Or once you’re done with the double cleanse, you can go in with your exfoliator. This should be a scrub that helps to even skin tone and really clear out your pores or at least continue to loosen stubborn clogged pores for Step Five.

Step Five – Tone

To remove any residue, dead skin cells and the like, always tone after you cleanse. If you’re using a toner with salicylic acid, it will also help to exfoliate.

Step Six – Mask

If you’ve been applying your masks to dirty skin you’ve been doing things ALL wrong. Those clogged pores aren’t going to clear out with just a mask. The double cleanse will help to loosen everything up so your masks can actually work much better. Depending on the type of mask you use, regardless, they’ll work 100 times better (not scientifically, just me being dramatic). If you’re doing a hydration mask, don’t you want to penetrate new fresh clean skin? Not old dirty dead skin cells? Get that face clean as can be and then apply your mask for maximum results.

Step Seven – Serum

Once you’ve masked, be sure to continue your usual skincare routine. That should always include a serum! Serums are like the vitamins with your drink of water (moisturizer). Always press these into the skin and let them absorb before heading into our last step.

Step Eight – Moisturize & SPF

Whether you’re heading out for the day or heading to bed, be sure to protect your skin with moisturizer and SPF (for daytime only). I wouldn’t recommend using any of your anti-aging products afterward because your skin is so fresh and clean that it may cause some irritation. Just moisturize and let it be. You can get back to your retinol the following night.

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Photos by Hannah Lozano

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  1. 7.23.19
    Laura Leigh said:

    100% doing this, this weekend! Thanks for sharing lady! And you look gorgeous!

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    Lisa Autumn said:

    Oh this sounds so relaxing. Exactly what I need right now.. might treat myself on the weekend 🙂

    x Lisa |

  3. 7.23.19
    Alicia said:

    I’m ashamed at how long it took me to start using a washcloth during my face routine, but it makes all the difference!

  4. 12.20.19
    Joan Williams said:

    Hi! Beautiful site!
    Would you mind telling me which lip color you are wearing in the “No Spa, No Problem” photos?
    Thanks in advance:)

    • 12.20.19
      Jessica said:

      Hi there! Unfortunately, I don’t recall which one I had on and think I wiped most of it off for the photo. Sorry about that!