Everyday Dwellings: Home Office Essentials

1. Monitor 2. Desk Chair 3. Notebook 4. Cord Cover 5. Google Home 6. Vertical Laptop Stand 7. Cord Organizer 8. Mouse Pad 9. Laptop Desk

Whether you work from your home full time, or just part time, it’s nice to have a dedicated space for it. Even if it’s a small nook (here are some fun ideas for that) it’s nice to have a place for paying bills, answering emails and so on. For me, I work from home full time so having a fully dedicated office space is crucial for me. It’s how I feel more productive throughout the day and is a decent way to separate work from relaxing.

My Must Have Home Office Essentials

A Great Chair

There are a handful of things I think are essential for a home office. For me, it’s a good comfy chair. If you’re not spending a TON of time in your home office and just your monthly bills and such, maybe that won’t be a really important factor for you. But in my world, I decided to finally splurge on a big comfy chair since I spend hours at my desk every single day.

Monitor & Laptop Stand

I’m also a fan of having a real monitor. I just have a laptop, but connecting it to an affordable monitor (you can honestly find some at Goodwill) with an HDMI chord will be much more enjoyable than a tiny laptop screen. With that being said, I also like to have this vertical laptop stand. It allows your laptop to take up minimal space on your desk (or floor) so you can have your monitor on your desk without additional clutter.

And even if your couch is really your home office these days, I have a few tips and tricks for that too! Like this lap desk that’s essential for staying productive while lounging on your comfy couch.

Desk Accessories

From cord organizers like this one that you can keep a power strip in and hide all those messy cords, to this one that I have on my desk that keeps my daily cords like my iPhone charger and laptop cord from falling off the desk. Plus, everyone needs a notebook to write down notes and to-do lists. And for me, I HAVE to have a mousepad. I use my monitor mostly, so a mouse is essential. But I also always use my mouse even when I’m working from the laptop, it’s just easier!


A few other things I like to have in my home office is a filing cabinet and filing bins. This helps to easily organize all of your paperwork like taxes, information on your home, insurance and so on. A few storage bins (these are my favorites) helps to keep things organized as well if you have an office closet.

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    Oh I really can’t wait to move soon and have my own little office x

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