5 Snack Ideas To Stay Healthy While Traveling Or On The Go

Del Monte new Fruit & Oats

This post was written in collaboration with Del Monte, all opinions and views are my own.

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I can’t stand the snacks they provide on a flight. I’m over it. I’m sick of the darn pretzels, granola bars and peanuts. You name it, I’ve eaten it more times than I care to. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve started pretty much packing a lunch and snacks with me every time I travel these days. Whether it’s by plane or car, I’m always prepared now with tons of food.  Sure those snacks are fun if you travel just a couple times a year. But time after time, not only do they get boring, but they aren’t healthy or filling. After a 5 hour flight, the last thing I want to do is land absolutely famished and then shoveling Shake Shack in my mouth at LAX. Not good! And let’s be honest, I’ve totally done that more than once in 2018… In addition to flying, I’ve also done my fair share of road trips in 2018. From visiting Athens several times for projects, Charleston and Highlands NC coming up in a few weeks, long road trips always mean fast food. Again, terrible food choices. So here’s how I’m making a change.

Here’s 5 Really Great & Easy Healthy Snacks To Pack While Traveling

1. Del Monte new Fruit & Oats

For air travel, I shall test this out with TSA and report back, but pack these bad boys for a really great breakfast or mid-day snack.  You can eat these room temperature, warmed up in the microwave (my favorite but if you’re on the go room temp works just fine) or chilled! These are the first ready-to-eat oatmeal with one full serving of real fruit and 20g of whole grains per serving. So you know you’ll be nice and filled up to take on your adventure.  They also have Del Monte Fruit & Chia which provides a whole serving of fruit with an added boost of chia seeds to give you a cup full of flavor, fiber, and 800mg of Omega-3s. If that doesn’t sound healthier and more filling than drive-thru burgers, I don’t know what will.

2. Cold Cuts

For extra protein, while traveling, I like to pack some cold cuts. Sometimes I bring deli turkey, ham and salami. It’s a good mix of flavors and if you’re in an airline lounge, there are often times rolls. So you can easily make yourself the perfect sandwich too.

3. Hummus and Veggies

This has become a popular one for me to pack and super easy. From carrots, cucumbers to pita, I love adding this to hummus for a crunchy and satisfying snack.

4. Fruit!

So this is a no-brainer, but how many times do you actually have great fruit on hand right before you leave for a trip? I know I try to make it through my fridge prior to leaving town and this means nothing fresh to bring. Insert the Del Monte Fruit Refreshers. They’re basically the grown-up version of those fruit cups we used to inhale as kids. Each cup is under 100 calories and they’re packed in refreshing fruit water that you can feel good about.

5. Dried Fruit & Nuts

When in doubt, just throw a bunch of dried fruit and nuts in your bag. It’s easy to snack on and doesn’t require a fork or anything! Super easy, not messy, and filling.

 Healthy Snacks To Pack While Traveling
Del Monte new Fruit & Oats
 Healthy Snacks To Pack While Traveling
Del Monte new Fruit & Oats
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  1. 10.5.18
    Laura Leigh said:

    LOVE your outfit and REALLY want to try these fruit + chia/oats bowls. They are right up my alley! Thank you SO much sharing – seriously going to buy some today!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese