Half Up Bun With A Hair Pin

Half Up Bun With A Hair Pin by Jessica Camerata

I realized that I just chopped all my hair off and still have several hair tutorials I have yet to share. So get ready for some hair tutorials! Personally, I’m so excited for this one because it’s one I plan on wearing with my short hair too. I’ve already successfully put this rose gold pin in my hair and love it! You can see how to use this pin here.

Some people are able to use the pin super easily like you would a pencil to throw your hair up. I still struggle sometimes and only get it to work about 50% of the time. Again, you can see the tutorial here on that. But for those of you who do struggle, this hairstyle works with or without the pin holding it all together. Here’s how we did it.

Half Up Bun With A Hair Pin by My Style Vita

How To Do A Half Up Bun With A Pin

Step One

I like to have my hair curled and very textured for this. It makes it hold better when it has some grit. You can see how I do that in this hair tutorial post for my everyday waves on either long or short hair.

How To Do A Half Up Bun With A Pin - Step One

Step Two

Then grab your hair in a half ponytail and wrap/twist it.

How To Do A Half Up Bun With A Pin - Step Two

Step Three

Twist your hair into a bun and secure with bobby pins. We just needed two or three for this.

How To Do A Half Up Bun With A Pin - Step Three
How To Do A Half Up Bun With A Pin - Step Three

Step Four

Add in your pin. If you’re a master at using this bad boy (I am still not but always try!) you can use this instead of bobby pins to get the exact same look. It’s simply a preference and ease of use!

How To Do A Half Up Bun With A Pin - Step Four
Half Up Bun With A Pin by My Style Vita

You can also check out this hair tutorial with a pin and this one!

Photos by Hannah Michelle

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  1. 3.12.19
    Lisa Autumn said:

    OMG this looks so chic!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  2. 3.13.19
    Laura Leigh said:

    I need to give this a try – I feel like it would be so cute with uber short hair!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese