5 Hairstyles Without Heat For The Office

Hairstyles Without Heat
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Whether you’re avoiding heat on your hair to grow it out or keep it from getting damaged, today’s post is for you! I don’t know about you, but when I used to head into the office (especially those early mornings!) I hated having to do my hair and spend time on it. Plus, keeping heat off of your hair results in healthier more hydrated hair and fewer split ends! So it’s a win win!

If you’re heading into the office in a pinch, or just in no mood to whip out the blowdryer and curling irons, try out these 5 easy to recreate hairstyles for the office.

5 Hairstyles Without Heat

messy bun - Hairstyles Without Heat

Low Messy Bun

My personal go to, but this one is elevated way more than what I typically do. Love how simple it is and requires just messy hair!

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Boho Side Braid

The Freckled Fox has the prettiest hair and this boho side braid that combines a regular braid with a fishtail is a braid DREAM! Any sort of braid is ideal to create something fun without the need of any heat!

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boho side braid - Hairstyles Without Heat

Hairstyles Without Heat ideas

Alternative Braids

You don’t HAVE to do french or fishtail braids, try this rope braid hair tutorial for an easy no-heat hairstyle.

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Mix And Match

Another combo of braids and fishtails from Barefoot Blonde. If you also haven’t tried her hair extensions, they’re great. I’ve used the BFB Up before and it’s fantastic for styles like this!

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office hair ideas

long hair ribbon

Pretty Details

There are so many great hair accessories available that you can easily do a braid, ponytail or half up and throw in something beautiful. A great scarf or bandana is a perfect way to dress up your hairstyle. PS here are 5 ways to wear a silky bandana in your hair!

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Overnight No Heat Hairstyles

Having a hairstyle you can do overnight with no heat is even better! Go to bed with ugly hair, wake up with pretty hair? Sign me up!

Beachy Waves

To achieve beachy waves overnight without any heat, just put your almost dry hair into french braids and sleep on it. When you wake up, you’ll have the most perfect beachy waves! This is a great way to let your hair air dry.

Pin Curls

Remember these? We used to use these when we were kids but never did them right. Now they have softer ones that don’t give you straight up cheerleader ringlets (that’s when I always used them). These are a great way to give yourself loose or tight curls. Just add more hair to each section for looser waves. If you have naturally straight hair, this is a great way to force your hair into waves or curls.

Products For No Heat Hairstyles To Have On Hand

Having an easy hair style to pull together without heat requires a few products to keep on hand. Whether it’s a great dry shampoo (these are my favorites) to clip-in extensions, bobby pins, fun clips, and scrunchies. Having a few options to pull from will make a no-heat hairstyle day feel much easier and more special.

Air Dry Products – I personally love the Kristin Ess Air Dry Spray to let your hair air dry without adding any heat. You spray it in when your hair is damp and it is ideal for those wavy and curly-haired gals. It’s also a good idea to take sections of your hair and then wrapping your hair in twists (just gentle twists to encourage more wave!) and then let it fully dry.

For those of you who need a little frizz control AFTER your hair dries, try the Kristin Ess Air Dry Creme. If you have naturally straight hair, I recommend just adding a smoothing serum to keep everything looking shiny!

Dry Shampoo – Refresh day old hair with dry shampoo. Here are my tips on how to use it the RIGHT way.

Bobby Pins – To easily pull together a braid or twist!

Extensions – Personally I love the Barefoot Blonde extensions. They have several options (I own the BFB UP) to either do a fun ponytail, braid or just add some volume to your hair.

Scrunchies, Bandanas & Bows – Easily spruce up a ponytail with any of these fun additions. Having a few to choose from will make your no heat hairstyle look special without even trying! I love these from Free People and you can never go wrong with a bandana!

PS check out my 5 ways to wear a bandana in your hair!

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