9 Things I Want To Do In 2019

Cheers, Champagne Flutes, clinking glasses

Happy New Year, friends! I hope everyone had a really great holiday and new year. 

Last year I kicked 2018 off with my list of habits I’d like to start in the new year. To take a look back, I did sort of okay on my list.  Most of my goals were about staying off of the phone and connecting more with friends. As in, pick up the phone and call them. Or staying off of Instagram and stop comparing. I think I spent a ton of time of my phone either way, but I’ve done a pretty good job of unfollowing people or brands that make me compare too much or make me feel not as good. I also have definitely made an effort to call friends more, but could still do a better job.

So this year I want to actually work on my 8 habits from last year even more. But also focus on a few new ones. So here are my 9 habits and goals, some tweaked a bit from last year, for 2019

My New Years Goals & Resolutions

Visit A New Continent

Okay or country. I have this habit of going back to the SAME DAMN PLACES. I’m not complaining here at all as I know how fortunate I am to be able to travel period. But just like I visit the same restaurants all the time, I keep finding myself visiting the same major tourist spots. This year I’d love to cross off another continent. I’m thinking South America or maybe even Africa (Morocco I hear is amazing, and Lauren’s trip to South Africa has me swooning!). At the very least, I have got to get my butt to a different country. My friends and I are discussing a trip to Spain to visit Barcelona and a few other smaller cities.

​​​​​​​PS I just knocked new country off the list because over the break I booked a trip to Germany for March. So excited to see my Grandmother’s hometown and maybe also do a day trip to Belgium to see TWO countries. I’ll take ALL the recommendations!

Focus On Food 

I am not anywhere where I’d like to be physically. The blog is nearly 8 years old and I have watched myself literally GROW over time in my style posts. It’s time to get back on track eating better. I’ll be focusing again on the TRIM Bootcamp (you may have heard of FASTer Way To Fat Loss, this is VERY similar!) . It’s a program I did over the summer and ended up losing 6lbs. But I didn’t stick to it and also didn’t put my all into the 6 week program. Time to get back to it!

Write More Meaningful Content

Something I’ve tried to do more here on the blog is writing more meaningful and interesting content. I used to just throw up a few words in a post about how great an outfit was and call it a day. It didn’t fulfill me or make me happy. I actually HATE writing those kinds of posts. I’ve made it a point to focus more on helpful, insightful posts or just opening up in more personal articles. I hope you’ve been enjoying them because I want to do a whole lot more of it.

Meet New People

This goes for friends and also maybe oh I don’t know, a boyfriend? I tend to make the blog an excuse or the fact that I already have friends that I don’t need to make an effort. More friends are starting to get married, have kids or move.  Your circle of friends can be ever changing it seems the older we get. So this year I want to get outside my comfort zone and meet new people and grow my circle a bit. I don’t necessarily believe in having a million friends, but more important to have quality friends. 

Work Less

Won’t that be nice, right? But hear me out first. I have blogged FIVE days a week every week for nearly 8 years. I have rarely taken a day off from a post and I rarely ever NOT look at my computer on any given day. In 2019, I need this to change. Let’s be honest, if I want to MEET anyone I will also need to get the hell out from behind this computer and get more social. So in 2019, I’ll only be blogging 4 days a week. I’m hoping this allows me spend less time on my computer and more time with friends and family. One whole day may not seem like a lot, but I think it’ll be enough to feel like I can step away for longer.

Disconnect Even More

This was on last years list, but it’s too important to me to not include again this year. I feel like I did sort of a better job of this in 2018. I made it a point to put my phone away on vacations or while with friends and family. Another habit I started in 2018 that was GAME CHANGER was keeping my phone in my office when I went to bed. It made for a more peaceful sleep and better mornings.

It’s time to put the phone away for hours at a time and even put my computer away for a solid 24 hours. Because of the type of job I have, it’s so easy to sit on the couch while watching a show and do mindless work like scheduling 140 characters on Twitter or organizing photos on a blog post. It’s time to put it away for a full 24 hours.

Re-Learn French

Fun fact, I used to practically be fluent in French. Living in Montreal from the age of 3 to 10 meant I was learning french alongside french kids learning english for the first time. It’s somewhere in my brain but I lost most of it since I stopped studying after we moved back to the States when I was 10. In college, I tried taking French courses but they just weren’t the same and I actually didn’t do well in them. I need a different approach and am all ears for any out of the box ideas!

Take A Solo Trip 

Sure I’ve sort of done this with a day or two here and there when waiting for friends to get in. And have done it a ton in the US for work. But there’s something VERY different about visiting a brand new city, all by yourself, without knowing someone is joining you soon.  I thoroughly enjoy being alone and have no problems with it. So I don’t think it’ll be a big challenge on my end in that respect. But I’d like to force myself when I do in fact do this, to challenge myself in a way that does push me outside my comfort zone. For me, that’s socializing while alone somewhere new.

I’m fine socializing, I’m not some anti-social person. But I could 100% see myself visiting a new city and spending 5 days alone and not saying two words and be totally okay with it. But I’d like to do the opposite. I’d like to chat with the bartender and make friends. I’d like to take a cooking class and maybe grab dinner with people after (my Mother is literally having a panic attack while reading this, I can guarantee it). But I think there’s something really powerful to be said for making connections while abroad and being solo.

Get Outside More

I’m a fairly active person in that I go to the gym, hang with friends and all that. But I rarely force myself to be outside more. For someone who spends HOURS on end in front of a computer (and guilty, TV too) it’s time to get outside more.

What are your new years’ resolutions?

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Jessica is an Atlanta life and style blogger. Aiming to bring practical tips to your every day life. Tips that you can easily tackle and make your life feel just a tad more 'put-together'.

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  1. 1.2.19

    Love all of these resolutions! Let me know if I can help you stick to any of them!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    • 1.2.19
      Jessica said:

      Find me a boyfriend! And also knock the cookie out of my hand okay?

  2. 1.2.19
    dana mannarino said:

    Love your resolutions! Going down to 4 posts a week will help you TREMENDOUSLY! It was an amazing way for me to cut back on some work load in 2018.

    I want to read more and just be more mindful of my actions (personally, professionally, etc.). I want everything I do to have a purpose.

    The Champagne Edit

    • 1.2.19
      Jessica said:

      I don’t know why I’ve stressed SO much over 5 posts a week. Super excited for just 4! I need to read more as well. Just got two books I’m excited about!

  3. 1.2.19
    Shereen Ashtiani said:

    Great Post! Here’s to love, success and balance in the New Year!

  4. 1.2.19
    Laura Leigh said:

    Absolutely love these Jessica! I will 100% miss your fifth post each week but you also 100% deserve that day off and I know it’ll free up so much time to do other things – whether for the blog or all personal. I love the idea of a solo trip and disconnecting more. I may be following after you on those two!

    xo Laura Leigh

    • 1.2.19
      Jessica said:

      Yes to a solo trip!!! I’m excited to give it a try this year. And I’ll be following you for FWTFL tips! I’m ALL ON BOARD FOR IT THIS TIME!

  5. 1.2.19
    Karly said:

    This is a great list of goals/resolutions! I’m with you on the friends thing – I’m in that weird life limbo where my college friends are all over the place, and my husband and I are some of the last to have kids, so it’s hard to relate to anyone at this stage. I probably could try harder, though. 😉 Can’t wait to hear where you decide to head to for your solo trip!

    • 1.2.19
      Jessica said:

      It’s SO hard as we get older. Especially when you’re still content with your life, it’s hard to force yourself to make NEW friends. The kids thing REALLY changes everything. It’s hard to stay connected to those people unless you also have kids.

  6. 1.2.19
    Jackie said:

    Love your list! Where in Germany are you going? One of my best friends lives in Hamburg Can get you a locals list of recommendations. Also I have a trip planned to Barcelona for the spring would be willing to share our hotel into and our list of things we are going to do. 🙂

    • 1.2.19
      Jessica said:

      We’ll be starting in Dusseldorf/Cologne and maybe take a drive within 2-3 hours of there, and may do a day or two trip to Bruge!

  7. 1.2.19
    Liz said:

    I feel like I could have written a lot of this myself. I’m doing TRIM as well (thought I recognized your name in the group) and also have meeting new people/men on my list in 2019. Looking forward to following your journey in 2019.

    • 1.2.19
      Jessica said:

      Yay excited to have some accountability for the program. It definitely helps !!

  8. 1.2.19
    Melinda said:

    You have several great items on this list. I can vouch for South America, specifically Argentina. After 3 weeks in Buenos Aires & Mendoza, I wanted to move there! The people are incredibly friendly, there are dogs everywhere and costs, after the flight, are super affordable! Our summer is their winter, so it’s low season, less crowded and a reprieve from summer heat! I’m happy to offer more recommendations if you want them!

    • 1.2.19
      Jessica said:

      This sounds amazing! I’ve heard great things about both those areas. They’re definitely on the list.