Unique Gift Wrap Ideas & How To Tie The Perfect Bow

gift wrap ideas for christmas, holiday gift wrap - @mystylevita

If you’re getting ready to wrap some gifts this holiday season, I’ve got you covered! Using the same old gift wrap with ribbon is great for gift wrapping. But sometimes you want to make things a little more special, or use some fun things you have on hand! Whether it’s adding some fresh greenery to a gift, or making the PERFECT bow, these are easy ways to dress up any package to make them look amazing!

Gift Wrapping Essentials

Before we get started on the unique gift wrap ideas, or how to make the perfect bow, let’s make sure you have a properly stocked gift wrap working station. If you’re gifting a lot, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have plenty of items to use on hand. Here are a few essentials to keep stocked for holiday gifting.

  • Gift Boxes In Various Sizes
  • Curling Ribbon In Basic Colors – I like to always have red, green and white. A few neutrals are nice too like gold and silver.
  • Tissue Paper – Whether you choose solid colors, simple white or fun prints, tissue paper is essential for gift bags AND gift boxes.
  • Gift Bags – If you have limited space, I highly recommend only using gift bags. they don’t take up a ton of space and lay flat, great to store under a bed.
  • Wrapping Paper – I always recommend if you have limited space or budget, to choose neutrals with metallics. A simple red bow makes it feel Christmas-y (or more unique ideas below we’ll cover) or a blue bow makes it great for a baby shower for a boy. You get the idea!
  • Gift Tags – You always want to make sure your gifts are addresses properly to the right person. Gift tags are easy to add and can be a nice decorative touch.

Now that you have the basics, let’s make things a little more unique!

gift wrap ideas for christmas, holiday gift wrap - @mystylevita

Unique And Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Dress up even the simplest of holiday gift boxes with these unique and creative gift wrapping ideas. Whether you’re SUPER creative or have no creativity, one of these is sure to be a fun way to update your holiday gifts this season.

Fresh Greenery

Instead of a bow, layer a handful of fresh greenery on top of our present and tape them down with buffalo plaid washi tape. The mix of plaid and fresh pine is about as festive as you can possibly get in my opinion. Plus, it smells amazing! Here’s how I did it.

DIY Wrapping Paper

If you’re looking for a fun DIY project, you can always create your own wrapping paper. Just use some cardstock or construction paper and create a fun DIY print on it. You can do polka dots with some simple acrylic paint, or hand draw a pattern if you’re creative enough!

Pom Poms

If you have plain wrapping paper in a solid color or using construction brown paper, you can always use pom-poms and a hot glue gun to add some texture and a fun print to your gifts!

gift wrap ideas for christmas, holiday gift wrap - @mystylevita - 1
gift wrap ideas for christmas, holiday gift wrap - @mystylevita

Next Up, How To Tie The Perfect Bow

Sure I have a ton of curling ribbon to wrap my presents with, but there’s something so unoriginal about it that I decided to invest in some quality ribbon to use for my bows. So to make the perfect bow you have to follow a few simple steps to ensure it lays properly. Below is the step by step process to make the most perfect bow every single time. Once you get the hang of it you’ll never go back to tying a bow any other way.

how to tie a bow for presents, unique gift wrap ideas - My Style Vita @mystylevita

What You’ll Need To Tie The Perfect Bow

  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbon of your choice (you’ll always need more than you think!)
  • Scissors
  • Tape (optional)

Step One – Wrap Your Present

Start by wrapping your present how you like with wrapping paper. Then wrap the box with the ribbon how you like.  There’s a few ways to do this. You can wrap it twice, or once, around each corner at an angle, its up to you. But just wrap it how you like, and get ready to start your bow!

Step Two – Make A Loop

Once you have your ribbon wrapped around your box, tie a basic knot like you’re about to your shoes. Then take the right side of the ribbon and make a big loop.

Step Three – Cross It Over

Hold the left side of the ribbon and then take the loop on the right and cross it over the center, below the other side of the ribbon. So your right hand should now be below your left hand if you’re still holding the other side.

Step Four – Wrap Around The Loop

Wrap the loose ribbon in your left hand around the loop that’s in your right. Then pull it under it and pull to create the bow.

Step Five – Adjust!

Adjust the loops so they’re even and tight.

Step Six – Cut The Ends!

Cut the ends of the ribbon on an angle for the finishing touch.

how to tie a bow for presents, unique gift wrap ideas - My Style Vita @mystylevita
how to tie a bow for presents, unique gift wrap ideas - My Style Vita @mystylevita
how to tie a bow for presents, unique gift wrap ideas - My Style Vita @mystylevita

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