Everyday Dwellings: Mid Century Dining Chairs

Mid Century Dining Chairs

I’ve been on the mid-century love affair train for quite a while now, but haven’t added much of it to my home. For a while, I thought this was a style that wouldn’t have staying power. But turns out, it’s standing the test of time. With just about every major decor retailer offering versions of mid-century design, it’s easy to find something for your home at any price point.

Types of Mid Century Dining Chairs

One of the quintessential mid-century designs is often seen in the dining room with chairs. They’re also great as an accent chair or even an office chair. There’s several great styles to choose from that are traditionally mid-century too. From wishbone chairs (chair #7 above) which are my personal favorite. They have a beautiful shape and a woven rattan seat. My grandmother has these in her home and they’re one of my favorite designs. There’s also the popular Evie molded chairs similar to #2, 5 and 6 above. The Evie chair was designed by Charles Eames and is responsible for several popular mid-century styles.

Mid Century Chairs Dining Chairs Under $150

So many of these chairs are also under $150 for a set of TWO. You read that right. They’re insanely affordable and there are so many options to choose from. Whether you want something upholstered, or going for the classic wishbone with a wicker seat, all of these are a solid choice. Plus, they come in lots of colors. Years ago, when mid-century modern was just making its comeback, there weren’t tons of options. Let alone affordable ones. Now you get swap out all of your dining chairs for a fraction of the cost. Hey, you can even mix and match some of these!

The great thing about these chairs is that you can really mix them with other decor styles. Adding them to a more modern table is a great mix of design. Plus, for a little added warmth, add a faux fur throw to the chair.

Shop The Mid-Century Dining Chairs

1 // Gracie Upholstered Chair 2 // Matilda Plastic Molded Chair 3 // Dedrick Dining Chair 4 // Lehighton Upholstered Chair 5 // Quintus Dining Chair 6 // Waycross Dining Chair 7 // Wishbone Wood Chair 8 // Kersey Dining Chair 9 // Edloe Finch Chair

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