My Everlane Review Of Their Eco Winter Coat Collection

Everlane Review: Winter Coat Collection - My Style Vita
Everlane Review: Winter Coat Collection - My Style Vita
Everlane Review: Winter Coat Collection - My Style Vita
Everlane Review - My Style Vita
Everlane Review - My Style Vita
Everlane Review - My Style Vita
Everlane Review - My Style Vita
Everlane Coat - My Style Vita

My love for Everlane is absolutely no secret. I was introduced to the brand several years ago and have only grown to love it more and more. From great shoes like their suede  modern loafers, backpacks, sweaters and now coats. There are Everlane items in every part of my closet.  When I first got an email from Everlane about their new ReNew coat collection I was intrigued.  I’m all about making better choices for the environment whenever possible but haven’t really been doing so in my shopping habits when it came to my closet.

To be honest, I barely thought about it outside of fast fashion places like H&M and Forever21 after watching The True Cost on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it.  But with climate change becoming a much more serious and pressing issue, I’m glad Everlane got me thinking about this. With Everlane’s newest outerwear collection, ReNew, you can feel good about this purchase, and here’s why.

First, try to look at your day today. You probably used a ton of plastic already before you came to my blog to read this post. Between the shampoo bottle to wash your hair, lotion to put on your arms and legs, to the water bottle you brought to work.  There’s around 8 million tons of plastic in the world at this moment and most of it isn’t getting properly recycled (they estimate that less than 10% of single-use plastic is actually being recycled properly) leaving much of it to end up in our oceans.

Everlane Review: Winter Coat Collection


First and foremost, I love that when I wear my coat I know I’m doing something better for our eco-system. This parka, in particular, is made from 60 plastic bottles that would’ve ended up god knows where. The entire coat is made from renewable plastic from the PrimaLoft insulation that keeps you warm to the 100% recycled polyester outer shell.


Knowing that renewable and sustainable clothing can also be stylish I think is what’s so huge here. It means there’s no excuse for other brands to be following suit. The entire collection is fashion-forward, stylish and flattering. Something that Everlane does well is a good cross between elevated classics like their day heels or silky slip dresses and high waist jeans. They always do it current but with lasting style.


If you don’t need a big parka, don’t worry. The ReNew collection has tons of options starting with great layering with their fleece pullovers and half zips. They also have a lightweight puffer that I’m obsessed with. I love the side slits on it, something different than all the other puffers I’ve seen.  They also have an entire men’s collection too!

High Quality

In this Everlane review, I think everyone wants to know about the quality. How on earth can plastic keep you warm? Well, it can! This parka is recommended for weather between 15-30 degrees Fahrenheit which will keep you warm in just about any place in the US. Plus, it’s water-resistant and has an elastic cuff allowing zero wind to come up into your sleeves. Just with everything else I’ve owned from Everlane, their products truly are high quality. From great fabrics to fit and overall quality that lasts, this is a brand that I truly stand behind.

Price Point

The last and most important feature of this collection is the price point. Everlane has always been known for its total transparency from where their items are made to what it costs to make them. Unlike traditional retail, Everlane makes it their mission to showcase this with their customers. Because they sell direct to customers from their factories, they are also able to keep their prices lower. The most expensive item in this collection is the parka at $175. Which is about half the price of my J. Crew parka and just as cozy, warm and stylish.

Everlane Review

Everlane Winter Coat Outfits

Everlane’s ReNew Collection is so versatile since there’s something for every climate and layer you may need. From their soft fleece pullover to wear with leggings or jeans, to the hooded parka for those cold wet days. Here are a few ideas on how to wear these pieces throughout the season. They also just launched their new Re:Down collection. This collection recycles down from comforters and pillows and the shell is also from recycled plastic. It’s a win win!

The Fleece Pullover

The perfect every day warm and cozy pullover to throw on. They come in a handful of colors and make for a great layer! The fleece pullover also comes in a half zip if that’s something you prefer. I’m more into the pullover as I tend to grab any of my sweatshirts to throw on for a quick walk with Pork or to run to the gym. The pullover is only $55 and the half zip is $65. Such a great deal!

The Puffer

The perfect every day warm and cozy pullover to throw on. They come in a handful of colors and make for a great layer. I find myself wearing a light puffer more often in the fall and warmer winter days in the south than I thought I would. I love the pullover version of this with the side vent. It’s a unique touch that makes it a little bit special. Personally loving the white one! I layered my toggle coat in Vermont with a light puffer which you can easily recreate with this Everlane one!

The Parka

The coat I clearly love, this parka is so toasty and warm! It also comes in a short version if you already own a longer parka. Personally, love the burgundy color but the navy is also a great luxurious color to buy. A few outfit ideas on wearing this is to recreate this layered look from NYC!


The newest addition to the Re:New collection, down! Recycled fill and shell makes this a sustainable jacket you can feel good about wearing. From the long puffer smartly called the sleeping bag, to the short puffer. Shop the entire down collection here.

PS if you’re shopping for HIM this season, this entire collection is also available for men. With similar styles like the fleece pullover and parka, there’s definitely something you can snag for him. They also have a really cool reversible puffer that I think is a great gift!

Photos by Hannah Michelle

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  1. 11.28.18
    Laura Leigh said:

    I love how you styled this jacket! Looks so cute with those boots. Definitely sounds like a great one!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

  2. 11.28.18
    Rachel said:

    Everlane has the best pieces! I’ve been eyeing this parka but wasn’t sure if it would be warm. Need to order it this week!


    • 11.29.18
      Jessica said:

      It’s designed from 35/55 degrees so it’s good for the south and not negative degrees ha I think it’ll be good in Boston with a warm sweater!

    • 11.11.19
      Nicole said:

      Bummed this color is no longer available, it is just what I am looking for.

      • 11.11.19
        Jessica said:

        I know they updated it with new colors this year. The ReDown does come in a few styles in a pretty rusty red color though.

  3. 11.28.18
    Lexi said:

    I had no idea they had coats for men! Definitely checking these out.

    • 11.29.18
      Jessica said:

      Yes they have a whole men’s collection it’s great for gifts !