The Nail Polish That Changed My Nails

This post was written in collaboration with Essie. All opinions and views are my own.

The Nail Polish That Changed My Nails
Jessica Camerata is wearing jeans and a mustard silk wrap top.
Essie Nail Polish & Coffee
Jessica Camerata is wearing a mustard silk top, jeans and brown heels

The Nail Polish That Changed My Nails

You all know I LOVE to paint my own nails at home. It’s therapeutic to me, saves money, and also allows me to switch up my mani in a pinch. I’ve been a die hard at home manicurist for years now and won’t ever be going back to a salon. Well unless I want some fun nail art, but I’m determined to learn that on my own. So when Essie asked me to try out their latest Treat, Love & Color collection, I was intrigued. Let me tell you why though, because this isn’t just another line of fun colors from the beloved brand.

I’d say I have fairly strong healthy nails and I love my natural shape. They grow fairly quickly and rarely break. However, there’s one complaint I have about my nails, which I thought was normal until now. My nails split (or peel) ALL THE TIME. Do you know what I’m talking about? I’ll be a few days into a manicure and I can split apart my nails at the ends. I can get inbetween the nails layers and peel the thin layer off at the top. It’s like picking a scab too, it’s very satisfying. But then my nail polish is a mess, I have to buff my nails to clean them up, and then do my manicure all over again. I just thought this was normal. Until I got the deets on this one step nail polish collection.

Lilac Blazer, Floral Blouse and Essie Nail Polish

Essie Treat, Love & Color

With a wide range of colors to choose from and also really great metallics, I was excited to try this new collection. The Essie Treat Love & Color nail polish collection promises stronger nails with 60% less peeling and 35% less breakage in just one week. I honestly thought nothing of it when I put the polish on. But then a week later my lilac polish was still going strong and I hadn’t peeled a damn nail! It was then that I realized, oh my god this works! For those of you that follow me on Instagram and Instagram Stories, you know I was wearing that lilac polish for about EVER.

The trick behind this nail strengthener powerhouse is a combination of camellia extract and collagen. These ingredients combined with a more breathable formula help to allow your nails to not only repair but also strengthen in 1 step.

Preppy Winter Outfit With Lilac and Grey Scarf
Grey Scarf, Lilac Blazer and Essie nail polish
Essie lilac nail polish

Lastly, don’t forget to top off your Essie TLC with the Essie top coat. I typically reapply a top coat to my nails every 3 days or so. It will extend your polish THAT much longer. I personally rarely ever use a base coat, so go straight to 2 coats of your favorite Essie TLC color. The colors I am LOVING right now are Daytime Dreamer (featured above), Can’t Hardly Weight, Mauve-Tivation and Finish Line Fuel (featured above). Grab yours now at Target for only $10!

Photos by Hannah Michelle

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  1. Laura Leigh wrote:

    Obsessing hard over that first color. It is absolutely beautiful and the perfect neutral!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    Posted 1.29.19 Reply
  2. Sam wrote:

    I just bought a bottle of this the other day! Excited to try it!

    Posted 1.29.19 Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Yay I hope you love it as much as I do!

      Posted 1.29.19 Reply
  3. Wow, I really need to try! I typically stick to dip nails because nothing else keeps them safe and healthy.. tried to go back to regular and they broke! I’m hoping this will be the answer!!

    Posted 1.30.19 Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Dip and Gel are NOT good for your nails at all! Definitely give them some time to grow back out and use this polish too!

      Posted 1.30.19 Reply
  4. Lisa Autumn wrote:

    Oh what a beautiful shade!

    x Lisa |

    Posted 1.31.19 Reply
  5. Ashley Gilliand wrote:

    What top coat do you like with Essie TLC?

    Posted 5.30.19 Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      I mention it in the post! It’s the gel top coat I like to use it’s great!

      Posted 5.31.19 Reply