How To Fancy Up Your Ponytail With A Simple Twist

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a hair tutorial! They’re my most popular posts here on the blog so I’m hoping to create more of these for summer. And maybe before I chop my hair! One of the looks I wanted to recreate was a more simplified version of how I wore my hair to my sister’s wedding. It was a low pony with layered pieces over it for a voluminous textured pony. To recreate it at home, you only need a few steps and just a couple bobby pins!

Here’s how I do it.

Start by curling your hair with either a wand or curling iron to make loose waves. You can see my tutorial on how I do this here. It’s best to do this on day old hair so you have a bit of grit to it. IF you don’t, just add some texturing spray (I’ve been using this one from Kristin Ess and love it) to add volume , texture and some grit.

Once your hair is good and voluminous from texture and waves, create a low ponytail. Leave a good chunk of hair out in the front on either side. These will be the pieces we use to wrap around the ponytail holder. Secure your ponytail with an elastic.

Should look something like this. Once you’ve got your pony, you can tease your hair, and add more texture spray. The more volume you can create the better!

Next you’ll take one of the sections (doesn’t matter which ones) and gently twist it a few times (leaving it a litlte loose and textured) and wrap it around the top of the pony tail holder. Secure it with a pin. So if you’re pulling up the left side and going over the pony, you’ll secure it with a pin on the right side towards the pony tail holder. You may need a few pins, that’s fine! Whatever it takes to get it to be secure.

Repeat this step on the other side (see how we left lots of texture in there? that’s good!)

I had a few pieces that fell thanks to my layers, so I just pulled those back again on top of the existing twists and secured with more bobby pins (I like to use these for this step). I actually like when the pieces fall so you can create more layers and texture over the ponytail instead of perfectly placed twists. But you can honestly go as clean or as messy as you like. I prefer the messy route.

Once everyone is twisted and pinned, make sure you have a few pieces pulled out around your face and finish with a good hairspray (I’ve been using this one).


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Photos by TZB Photos

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  1. 4.10.18

    Super cute!! I didn’t realize you did your own hair for her wedding it was so pretty!


    • 4.10.18
      Jessica said:

      Oh no I didn’t! This was just inspired by it ha. Hers was a lot more work

  2. 4.10.18
    Laura Leigh said:

    Obsessed with this do and totally trying it out this weekend!

    xo Laura Leigh

    • 4.10.18
      Jessica said:

      It’s so easy! Next time I do it I’m going to tease the crap out of that ponytail too

  3. 4.13.18

    Gorgeous styling! The waves definitely add to the beauty and elegance of the hairdo.

    Happy Friday!