East vs West Coast – Nautical Stripes

This week’s challenge is one of my favorite (and seems to me most re-occurring trend) nautical stripes. See how some of my favorite bloggers styled their stripes this week!
I realized while sitting at my desk today that I was rocking one of the trends in this East vs West Coast challenge. Problem was, my go to photographer, Beka, was no where to be found. AKA, bitch was at work and so was I. So I grabbed my lovely friend Ryan who lives right next door and said “hey can you pretend to be a photographer?” he graciously helped me take some photos and I have to say, we did a pretty good job for not knowing squat about this. I rely on Beka to take gorgeous photos, so I’ll never get rid of her. But I think snagging Ryan a few afternoons to snap a quick photo may be our new thing.  We’ll get him trained for this, he’ll be taking appointments in no time ladies.


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  1. 6.18.13

    Ryan did pretty good for a first time photog!!!! way to go! I seriously love your sweater & LOVE that your pup made an appearance! If I ever did that all you would see is one of my dogs dragging me down the street! lol

    xo Jackie
    Living After Midnite

  2. 6.18.13

    I love that sweater you have on + your dog is adorable! : )


  3. 6.18.13

    Love this and so glad Pork joined in this week!


  4. 6.18.13
    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl said:

    I always love when Pork makes an appearance on the blog…bitch always steals the spotlight!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  5. 6.18.13
    oomph. said:

    how convenient is that to have a back-up photographer next door!! love the photos…i need to invest in some wide stripes!

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  6. 6.18.13

    Look at Pork!!!!! I mean you’re pretty, but I think Pork steals the show!! xo Mandy @ Waiting On Martha

  7. 6.19.13
    Ashley Torres said:

    Totally feel ya on scooping up outside photogs. My sister takes my pictures but it’s a trek getting home sometimes so lately I’ve been asking my friend at work to do it and she’s actually really good!! Yay for puppy!

    Pursuit of Shoes

  8. 6.19.13
    Jessica @ Here(and)Now said:

    loving your stripes! But I think Miss Pork and her pink accessories might just be stealing the show 😉 (that bitch!)

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