Hydrate And Strengthen Your Hair With This DIY Overnight Hair Mask

An Easy DIY Overnight Hair Mask For Dry Hair

No matter the season, there’s always times when your hair may need a bit of a boost. Whether it’s feeling a little dull, or dry, or if you’re looking to promote hair growth, a DIY mask at home can be a great solution. Today’s overnight hair mask DIY recipe will have your locks looking their best. Plus, don’t you want to nourish your hair so you can look and feel you best?

Whether you want to do a mask for an hour or so, or even better, overnight when you’re sleeping so you aren’t bothered, having an easy DIY overnight hair mask is a great beauty hack.  To help promote healthier shinier hair and also longer stronger locks, here’s a great DIY overnight hair mask for dry hair to make it shiny and more beautiful.

An Easy DIY Overnight Hair Mask For Dry Hair

There are plenty of hair masks and treatment options on the market right now if you walk into any beauty store. But to be honest, I really don’t care to spend my money on something where I can get similar results with natural remedies you can find in your pantry.  I asked my readers what they use and so many came back with natural cures that I knew I had to find one that worked for me. To not only hydrate my hair and refresh it after tormenting it throughout the summer, but also stimulate hair growth. For natural hair fixes, an easy homemade hair mask is just the thing you need.

Seriously Hydrating Overnight Hair Mask Benefits

Coconut and Olive Oil

We’ll be using up to three ingredients for this DIY overnight hair mask. The first two are oils that you probably already have in your pantry; coconut and olive oil. Both have a ton of great fatty acids which are great for hair. Coconut oil is known for hydrating so when you add it to your hair and scalp it can help to hydrate the hair follicles creating more shine, softness and luster. It also helps to strengthen the follicle decreasing breakage and split ends. If you’re trying to grow your hair out and want to extend your visits to the salon, I recommend doing this DIY hair mask once a month. This will help get you through the extra weeks in between a cut that can allow your hair to grow longer.

The hydration of a coconut oil hair mask on your scalp will also help any dandruff or dryness you may be experiencing. In the winter time, I personally suffer from this on my scalp. Doing a coconut oil mask alone will help resolve this issue. The other oil, olive oil, has similar benefits with shine and hydration to repair damaged hair but can also help an itchy dry scalp.  Olive oil also is also packed with antioxidants which can help promote a healthy scalp.

Lastly, egg yolks.

I’m torn on using this overnight, which is why I leave it as optional below. If you’re doing just an hour or so of this natural mask, definitely add this in. Egg yolks are packed with b vitamins like Biotin. You know those popular biotin pills you buy for hair growth? It’s all packed into egg yolks too. So whether you add it to your scalp, or increase your egg consumption at breakfast time, you can help stimulate growth for long hair.  Egg yolks also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Just a few include folate, vitamin A and vitamin D. Plus, lots of great fatty acids in addition to the oils. These vitamins and minerals may help stronger healthier hair according to the experts.

What You Need

Other ingredients you could add to this mask include apple cider vinegar, castor oil, argan oil or aloe vera gel.

Step by Step Instructions

Step One

Melt your coconut oil. I usually just pop mine in the microwave on a low setting for a couple of seconds. You don’t want to cook it, just melt it. It makes it much easier to comb through your hair.

Step Two

Combine the coconut oil, olive oil and egg yolk in a bowl. And mix until combined.

Step Three

Apply the mask to your hair beginning at the ends and working up to the root. I’ve solely done my ends in coconut/olive oil and just dipped my ends in a bowl and worked it up. If you’re super oily, I’d leave the oil out of your scalp, and solely put the egg yolk on your scalp and put the oil on everything else but a few inches from your scalp. Be sure to comb through your hair once it’s applied to ensure it gets distributed well on every strand.

Step Four

To sleep in a mask I recommend putting your hair up once you’ve applied the DIY overnight hair mask. Then wrap your head in a shower cap and or a towel (I use these). Also, be sure to add a towel on top of your pillow in case you move around a bunch at night and things get a little messy. This will ensure you don’t wake up to a big mess. If you’re just doing the mask for a few hours, add a warm towel to your head so it can really soak in.

Step Five

When rinsing out the mask, be sure to use a shampoo that’s more clarifying. For example, I like this one from HASK. I once tried a shampoo that was also hydrating, and it ended up taking three shampoos to get it out. You may need to shampoo twice. Spend some time working it out of your hair. Then dry and style as usual.

TIP: If you find that you still have the mask in your hair and it’s a bit oily after shampooing and styling your hair, add a bunch of dry shampoo and let it sit for a bit. Then shampoo it again. Dry shampoo is designed to pull out oils so this will help get it all out if you’re having trouble.

Step Six

Enjoy silky soft, shiny and hydrated hair. I saw such a significant difference in the luster of my hair. It was shinier than ever after doing this for just an hour or so while sitting on the couch. Overnight really helps to penetrate your hair follicles to help condition your hair and scalp for better results.

Photo by Hannah Michelle

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    100% doing this tonight! Thanks for sharing Jessica!

    xo Laura Leigh
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    Jae said:

    I need to be doing this more often. I recently got my hair colored and it’s been sooo dry!

  3. 9.20.18
    Sojah Hurt said:

    I definitely have to try this! My hair gets sweaty from working out and I am looking for organic products to keep my hair from drying out. Thank you.

  4. 3.5.20
    Rachel said:

    My hair is struggling right now, especially after the cold winter months. I’m definitely going to have to try this mask to bring it back to life!


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    Oh I cannot wait to try this! Definitely doing so this weekend!

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    I never did any overnight hairmask but will try this out tomorrow! THANK YOU!

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