How To DIY Orange Pomander Balls For The Holidays

DIY Orange Pomander Balls - #holiday #holidaydiy @mystylevita

I’m not a DIYer friends, but this DIY is one I can get behind. However, I don’t know if I would’ve thought to create so many fun and different orange pomander balls. That’s why I enlisted the help of the ever so creative and talented Jaime Roberts again for this one. When Jaime and I were discussing how to transform my space for the holidays, one easy DIY she suggested we do were orange pomander balls. I didn’t know these had an “official’ name, but knew exactly what they were! These reminded me of those holiday ornaments you’d make as a kid with clay and cloves. Anyone remember doing that?

So when Jaime came over to decorate and help pull together the ultimate Thanksgiving buffet, she left a few oranges undone so we could show you how to do it! It’s SO easy and her one little trick will help to make this project run much more smoothly! She’s full of tricks that girl, remember her DIY garland trick? I’m still blown away by it.

What I love most about these is that they will last for weeks. They can also be used in your tablescape, centerpieces, or just placed in a big bowl during non-holiday occasions and will still make your house smell great.

DIY Orange Pomander Balls - #holiday #holidaydiy spiced orange pomander balls @mystylevita

DIY Orange Pomander Balls

What You Need

  • Oranges but you can also use lemons or limes!
  • Nail – yes a plain old nail from the toolbox
  • Cloves

How To Make The Orange Pomander Balls

Step One, Decide On A Design

The very un-creative in me would’ve just thrown a bunch of cloves wherever. But of course, Jaime had several designs planned. From two thin rows, to creating sections, or even a swirl! The options are endless. I think it’s nice to come up with a plan first so they look more professional and less like it was a school project. A good trick is to just keep in mind circles. Always go in circles. Either side by side, or slicing into one another for sections.

Step Two, Pierce With A Nail

The way to keep this project going fast and also easy is to use a nail and pre-pierce your holes. It’ll also help you see where you’re going if you hate the design or not. Using just the clove to pierce the hard flesh of an orange can result in breaking a lot of cloves too making this a more time-consuming project.

Step Three, Add Cloves

Push in your cloves into the pre-made holes you made and that’s it!

Step Four, Enjoy!

I love that these will last a few weeks, and they can even dry up and last even longer! Either sprinkle them around your buffet for added color and texture or add to a big bowl on your table with other seasonal fruit like pomegranates. They make such a statement but are so simple!

DIY Orange Pomander Balls

DIY Orange Pomander Balls - #holiday #holidaydiy spiced orange pomander balls @mystylevita
 DIY Orange Pomander Balls

Photos by Hannah Michelle

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  1. 12.11.18
    Laura Leigh said:

    I use to make these as a kid and completely forgot. Loved them! Will definitely have to make some this season. Thanks for the reminder!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    • 12.12.18
      Jessica said:

      I need to make more I just love them!